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TSX Polyester

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The Pantone Polyester TSX Colors has 203 new and different synthetically manufactured colors for designers and colorists working in fashion, yarns, fibers, soft fabrics and soft home in one compact and stylish storage case. The new 2inch x 2inch mini swatches are secured, double layered, and on unbacked 100% polyester fabric. They are easy to review, select, and replace in three removable display trays. These forecast-driven swatches come arranged by color family and are ideal tools when creating your own polyester color stories and polyester color palettes. Design Info will supply the Pantone Polyester TSX set in India at the best prices with fast delivery. Always in stock. Polyester swatch set is the new Pantone fabrics.

Pantone Polyester TSX Colors Format

  • New match-style polyester TSX swatch format helps secure and protect fabric with a bottom flap on the card while still allowing easy review and usage

  • 2inch x 2-inch mini polyester TSX swatches, perfect for palette development and color management solution

  • 2 layers with no paper backing fabric on a non-optically brightened paper card for effective presentation of the color

  • Arranged in a stylish purple clean storage box with easily movable and changeable trays for ease of use

  • Low luster and minimal texture for more accurate color measurement

  • Polyester is pure with complete synthetics

Pantone Polyester TSX Colors Management

  • 203 trend-forecasted neutral, bright, and pastel colors, dyed on 100% polyester fabric

  • Unique but complementary colors to our cotton textile system

  • All Pantone Polyester Colors formulated for achievability, repeatability, and fastness

  • Colors arranged in chromatic order with numbers on trays and printed index diagram on inside cover

  • Each Pantone polyester color refers to a corresponding Swatch Card, the color standard for color accuracy

Pantone Polyester TSX Colors Application

  • A must for athleticwear, active swimwear, hosiery, sleepwear, shoes and footwear, juvenile, outdoor sports, soft goods, and kidswear products

  • Use for palette development, mood boards, presentations, and internal color communication

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