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Metallic Shimmer

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Metallic Shimmer

Pantone Metallic Shimmers | New Metallic Color Reference Books

Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors System introduces 200 NEW shades in our Metallics Shimmers Color Specifier book. This collection of lustrous metallic colors was carefully selected to provide a broad range of shimmering metallic finishes that designers, product developers, and manufacturers want
Pantone Metallic Shimmers is a new collection of lustrous metallic and pearlescent tones created to provide all fashion and product designers with a visual reference for metallic color. Featuring a range of core metallic shades and directional colors reflective of future trends, our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers addresses the increasing importance of metallic finish in fashion and product design. Produced using a pigment coating that combines and highlights the true essence of color with a brilliant and luminous finish, our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers enables designers and colorists working in metallic with an easy-to-use collection of trend-right color references, aiding visualization and enhancing the reproduction process. All 200 new Metallic Shimmers are available in a portable Color Guide, Color Specifier Book, and as large 8.5” x 11” Sheets, providing you with flexible solutions to fit the needs of your specific design workflow.
The 200 new hues presented in the Pantone Metallic Shimmers palette comprise a range of core and colored metallic shades that easily cross multiple industries. Pantone Metallic Shimmers are ideally suited for use in fashion apparel, fashion accessories and trim, footwear, home furnishings, consumer electronics, color cosmetics, automotive, and any other surface or finish where metallic colors are applied. Metallic Shimmers provides you with a full range of colored and classic metallics and pearlescents, including:
Metallic Pantone Trends – Ready to Shine
We created our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers to address the ongoing, wide-ranging desire for core metallic shades, as well as satisfy the growing demand for colored metallic. In a world of sheen and shine, where color, material, and surface finish join for a more cohesive aesthetic experience, metallic finishes are becoming increasingly important. The color of coins, jewelry, old world elegance, and core elements, in addition to being symbolic of futuristic simplicity, metallic finishes – from gold and silver to copper and bronze – have always enjoyed a special place in the world of design. Enhancing other colors by bringing in a touch of shimmer and providing contrast against all tints and tones – from flesh shades, pastels, and soft neutrals to those more vivid and vibrant, as well as blacks and whites – metallic colors play an integral role in fashion and furnishings, as well as in consumer electronics and color cosmetics. Entranced by luminosity, iridescence, and holographic effects, our love for metallic and pearlescent finishes has grown. Inspired by new technical fibers, where colors seem to appear or disappear in light, and a love of kaleidoscopic color displays and illumination, metallic finishes are now key across the entire spectrum of color, making strong fashion statements throughout design. Also influencing our love for colored metallic is our continuing return to previous decades, where glam and glitter were on display, and the prevalence of our Insta-world, where the luminosity of metallic finishes stand out, immediately grabbing our attention.
Each color in the Pantone Metallic Shimmers is created using a pearlescent or silver metallic base Produced using nitro-cellulose coating on paper to help highlight the true essence of these metallic shades, this new collection provides a finish that speaks luxury and brilliance Metallic Shimmers is a wonderful complement to Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors TPG color on paper, Cotton, Polyester, and Nylon colors. Pantone’s material selection, global availability, and speed-to-market keep you one step ahead of the competition.
Featuring a range of core metallic shades and directional colors reflective of future trends, our new Pantone Metallic Shimmers addresses the increasing importance of metallic finish in fashion and product design.

  • How many shades are there in Pantone Metallics Shimmer version?

    There are 200 colors introduced in the shiny metallics book

  • What is the difference between Pantone Metallic and Pantone Metallic Shimmer?

    The shimmer edition has more shinny colors with a special gravel effect wheras the normal pantone metallic book has general matte metallic finish