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Munsell Color Books & Reference Charts - Buy in India

Munsell Colour System
Colour is the basis of identity and plays a significant role in human psychology. It has the ability to trigger a memory, it assists the viewers to associate with certain objects and notions and also becomes an integral part of a brands identity. With a vast spectrum of colour variable available, Professor Albert H. Munsell established a system that organises and identifies very colour that exists under the sun. He has taken into consideration the human perception and visualisation of the various colours. The colour system curated by Munsell has a three-dimensional approach and the Munsell colours are based on the following three attributes –


The Munsell colours have acknowledged these three elements and established a well-defined numeric scale. All the Munsell colour books are curated in a visually unique and uniform manner that assists the viewers to browse all the shades with the utmost ease. The colours found within the Munsell books of colour and reliable and accurate and maintain consistency, assuring the buyers to communicate about colours with ease. These books have been made in accordance with stringent colour correction methods that have received triple-A ratings. According to Munsell, each colour is related to all the other colours which give rise to an endless possibility of creating colours. The Munsell colour charts can be utilised for various purposes and one of the major use is to establish a person’s ability to identify and differentiate between colours. The Farnsworth Munsell vision test helps in identifying if a person is colour blind especially in industries that require constant use of colour identification.
Farnsworth Munsell Vision Test
The system to test a person’s colour blindness has been developed by Dean Farnworth. The test is conducted for jobs and criteria’s that require colour critical operations. The test makes use of the Munsell colors assessing the ability of the person to comprehend the minuscule differences between different shades. This test can be conducted with different variations and one of the popular variations includes the use of 100 hues that need to be identified and isolated to pass the test. Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test is easy to conduct and the test I usually conducted by officials of industries who require their employees to have a good sense of colour and have the ability to identify the multitude of shades with ease.
Munsell Books
A systematic representation of the multiple colours, the Munsell books are an affordable and exceedingly reliable source that allows various industries to match and communicate about colours with ease. The system has a well-organised mannerism of displaying the colours. There are a variety of Munsell shade cards available. Below some of the prominent Munsell charts are mentioned.
Munsell Soil Colour Chart
The colour of the soil helps in its evaluation and this evaluation has been conducted for over 5o years by professionals across the globe. The Munsell soil colour chart assists in assessing the composition of the soil with ease based on the colour. This Munsell soil colour chart is used in agriculture-based industries, for scientific research, landscaping and geology. 
Munsell Rock Colour Chart
A guide to help archaeologist, geologists and landscaping professionals, the Munsell rock colour chart helps in referencing the colours found on the rocks with predetermined shades.
Munsell Atlas
The Munsell book of colours, the glossy edition is known as the “Munsell atlas” or the “master atlas” contains 1,600 removable shades that removable making it more user-friendly. This Munsell catalogue includes a brief introduction and explanation of the Munsell colour system.
Find & Buy the perfect Munsell colors for your color matching. We will help you find the colors in the right Munsell Book and assist you in the usage of the complex scientific Munsell System of Colors.

  • Which field in Munsell studied in?Munsell is a part of soil, minerals and agriculture sciences. They are complex scientific colors which explain the difference between each shade on a granular level.

    Munsell is a part of soil, minerals and agriculture sciences. They are complex scientific colors which explain the difference between each shade on a granular level.

  • Which is the standard base book of all Munsell Colors?

    Munsell soil color chart commonly known as the M50215B is the basic and starter book for Munsell.

  • How to study the different munsell color systems?

    Its simple, all books go by the color codes. The books are categories for soil, plat and tissue broadly.

  • What is the return policy for Munsell color charts?

    Munsell books can be returned within 7 days to us if unused.