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Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod, Black, Light and Compact MTPIXIEVO-BK
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Compatible with your entry-level DSLRS and devices up to 2.5Kg
Mini tripod two leg angles give you stability on uneven ground
Sturdy and lightweight aluminium & adapto structure
Camera tilts to a full 90° letting you shoot in portrait mode
You've got the choice of three different colour combinations
Rs 4,203
Rs 4,888
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Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Black, MTPIXI-B
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Mini tripod for Compact System Cameras
Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
Push button locking mechanism for easy setup
Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry
Attractive Italian design

Warranty: 2 Years
Rs 1,836
Rs 2,456
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Manfrotto Befree Advanced Designed for α Cameras from Sony, MKBFRLA-BH
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Dedicated plate maximises stability in all camera positions
QPL Travel lever secures maximum stability and easy setup
Centre Ball Head with three independent ergonomic controls
Side pull selector ensures quick setup with both hands
Unique premium design, 100% Made in Italy
Rs 18,803
Rs 22,385
Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head Black, MKCOMPACTLT-BK
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Extremely compact, take it anywhere
Ball head with one knob to lock all adjustments
Quick and easy camera connection with wheel attachment
Our lightest Manfrotto tripod, weighing only 800g
Easy to transport, highly portable thanks to padded carrying bag
Rs 6,334
Rs 7,320
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Manfrotto Element MII Aluminium Black, MKELMII4BK-BH
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Lightweight on your shoulders and stable on the ground
Sturdy, compact and lightweight aluminium construction
Catchy and iconic graphics make it stand out of the crowd
Easy and comfortable to carry with its padded shoulder bag
Designed to support DSLRs, CSCs and compact cameras

Rs 10,728
Rs 12,771
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Manfrotto Aluminium Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column Black, 475B
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Innovative centre base structure system for reliability
Quick-action leg blocks for maximum rigidity and quick setup
Studio tripod with three-faceted centre column for stability
Anti-rotating leg sections keep you tripod stable and secure
Rubber/metal spiked feet for sturdy shooting

Rs 37,273
Rs 41,415
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Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminium 3-Section Tripod with Head, MK290XTA3-3W
In Stock, Ready to Ship

4 leg angle positions for total flexibility
Durable, adjustable aluminium leg locks
Steady grips thanks to rubber leg warmers
Precision guaranteed with clever 3-way head
Tripod with head comes with comfy shoulder bag

Rs 15,947
Rs 18,985
Manfrotto 290 XTRA Alu 3 Section Tripod, MT290XTA3
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Lightweight and portable photo tripod
Durable aluminium leg locks
Comes with it's own shoulder bag for ultimate portability
Premium Italian design
4 leg angles for great versatility
Rs 12,382
Rs 14,740

In today’s day and age, there is no one tripod which is universally the best DSLR camera tripod. This three-legged friend that every photographer possesses comes in different sizes, shapes, colors, and types. What is best is what suits your needs the best. 

How to choose your tripod?

The tripod is structurally not as simple as it looks. The tripod is made up of multiple components like its head, the centerpiece and the legs. There are different substitutes for each of these tripod accessories depending on the usability of it. The components which have an alternative to it are:


All the best tripods have interchangeable heads. It is for you to decide which tripod head suits your needs.

Ball heads are the most basic head which is easy to use. It increases stability and provides a more accurate rotation of the camera. 

A gimbal head is for professional photographers who use heavy cameras and lenses.


The strength of the leg decides if it is a small camera tripod or for heavy gears. It is always advised to buy tripod legs and head for your tripod with a capacity twice or thrice of your commonly used camera and lenses.

Legs were traditionally made with aluminium but now they have shifted to much lighter and durable carbon fiber.

Usability of tripods

The most important thing to understand is that tripods are designed to cater to your needs. It completely depends on what your gears are and the environment you will be using. These are a few ways you could decide which tripod suits you the best:


Travelling all around the globe with a heavy tripod is not feasible. The best camera tripods for travelers are the ones that are light and portable. 

Ideally, any tripod is a travel tripod if you are willing to carry them around. But a few of them are designed to be compact. They have three to five sections which could be adjusted as per the photographer’s needs.  A mini tripod is the most suitable, convenient and light weight to carry while travelling.


The most important asset for photographers who love adventure are lightweight tripods. Octopus tripods, also known as a flexible tripod, are small but designed for adventure. Its height is as high or low as the surface you set it on. 

Depending on the mounting you use, an octopus tripod could be interchangeably used as a tripod phone and camera as well


With a rise in the number of content creators who use their smartphone to create content, the need for smartphone tripods and phone camera stands have skyrocketed. This is the best budget tripod for a beginner who is looking to experiment and explore their niche in phone photography as well. Video Tripods are best suited for vlogging.