ONsite DTAP to AC Power - Never Running Out of Power

ONsite DTAP to AC Power Supply - Never Running Out of Power

Tether Tool ONsite Aero V-Mount Complete Bundle 220V SDAC220
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The ONsite Aero V-mount Complete Bundle 220V comes with everything you need to mount and power all your devices and equipment on location using your Tether Table Aero. Includes: ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply with four fast-charging USB ports and two AC outlets to charge devices such as laptops, camera batteries, LED monitors and lights, tablets, phones and more. ONsite Aero V-mount to mount the ONsite D-Tap Battery & AC Power Supply to a Tether Table Aero ONsite D-Tap to USB-C PD Adapter to power Apple MacBooks, laptops, USB-A devices such as tablets, phones, and select cameras ONsite AC Power Supply Car Adapter to charger you D-Tap Battery from any automobile DC 12V outlet US, EU, UK and AU ONsite World Traveler Angled Plug Adapters

ONsite DTAP to AC Power - Never Running Out of Power

The ONsite Power Solution is an ultra-portable, long-lasting, and versatile power solution anchored by the ONsite DTap to AC Power Supply. A first of its kind product, the DTap to AC Power Supply pairs with any battery with a DTap connector (including V-Mount and Gold Mount Batteries) to create two AC outputs and four powered USB ports. Buy original Tether Tool products from Design Info for a hassle free shopping experience. ONsite power solutions harness the power of DTap batteries to charge AC and USB powered devices such as camera batteries, tablets, LED monitors & lights, laptops, phones and wherever power is required.

Travelling? Onsite DTAP to AC Power is travel friendly!

Running out of power on set simply isn’t an option in today’s time-sensitive and demanding world. Imagine being in the middle of a photoshoot and your laptop screen goes black. Who has time to deal with that? With no TSA travel restrictions, the ONsite DTap to AC Power Supply is designed for easy travel and provide a versatile power source anywhere in the world. Whether someone is on location in their hometown or traveling for an assignment, this is a product they can pack into their kit without hesitation.

DTAP to AC Power - Keeps your gear powered in any shooting environment

The ONsite DTap to AC Power Supply and ONsite DTap Battery with V-Mount can also seamlessly integrate with Tether Tools’ Tether Table Aero Laptop Mounting System with the help of the new ONsite Aero V-Mount. The streamlined mounting solution secures the power solution to the Tether Table Aero, powering a laptop during long shoots while keeping a safe and secure work environment.