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Arkivia Grunge Flower Textures Book with DVD develops designs for florals with a Grunge style. The flowers are created in broken, smudged and sketchy designs whereby backgrounds are irregular and reminiscent of abstract art. In addition, there are images with fresh strokes and watercolor techniques because they express a touch of the design irregularity that is part of this new and contemporary artistic concept of Grunge. Arkivia DVD with 165 designs in high resolution files, bitmap & modular 300 dpi ready to use - in Illustrator or Photoshop for MAC + PC. (Arkivia) GRUNGE TEXTURES VOL.1 Book is one of the top selling books on prints.
BLACK & WHITE MATRIX 2 inc DVD Book (Arkivia)
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The colours of black are tinged with things, objects, people, animals, all scattered and overlapping to generate a modern style of textures. A brushstroke of freshness, no half-tones or hesitation. Lines, silhouettes or synthetic images develop single themes, entering by right into the world of decoration.
Color & Byte Motif incl. DVD
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Highlights: - Ideal starting point for the creation of your own graphic and print motifs - Wide range of generous styles and graphic motifs - 100 % vectorial motifs for direct processing on MAC and PC - Indispensable tool for the effective and time-saving development of fashionable target group specific motifs.   Hardcover 24,5 x 24,5 cm, 128 pages, text in English
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Among the developing trends,Grunge Geometric Textures Vol. 1 a lot of possibilities on different fronts and this is the GRUNGE STYLE and has many visual references.  DVD with 300 PPI Layered Files included. 1st Edition : 5th June, 2016 In this technological and global era between black/white geometry and ethnic designs,  the GRUNGE STYLE is opposed to these and has colorfull images with new concepts.  It expresses a need for complexity but at the same time is simple, fresh and irrational, away from the constraints of current smothering rules, social and existential stress. Irregular marks, icons broken into fresh fragments, meaningless, almost abstract. 

Flower and motifs for prints & textile designs are small, easy and simple, colourful and decorative, shown in these volumes of print design books were adapted from a classic collection of embroidery Designs. Hundreds of single models were assembled in these richly illustrated textile prints edition either in colour or monotone. Any motifs with extraordinary variance in this are stimulated by the sheer variety orders, etc.  

What is Prints & Pattern Inspiration?

The message of those Small Flower Decorations as to their communication to us? However people are gregarious by nature, seek to create an instinct simple logic of mankind domesticity around them. Added to this taste, of course, the desire to record ways drove people to chron thoughts and their particular environment albeit, for a large li rude loan of visual messages, such as small and adornments. We have a massive collection on Prints and Pattern design books for all kinds of textiles in the womenswear, menswear & kidswear designing. Logos and graphics design trend books are a must in upcoming fashion trends. Design Info gives a variety of logos with High-resolution files for logos designing as well.


The quality of reproduction of these texture designs is easy to imagine the startling in its clarity, or open an item of dress or fabric, rather the former it teas for many, not me eras that this would be a conceit the purpose of the net of the picture upon simple flower motifs was ever the Grand Textile Design, it was simply to decorate and to record domestic events and Joys.

The Most Recommended Pattern Design Books

We would recommend a few pattern design books out of its massive collection, a few of them primarily to build a library of textile prints which can then be used a base for designing in several products on which several motifs & logos can be applied. There are 3 segregations that Design Info has proposed in Textile Books for Design & Fashion which is as per the following:

The prints & pattern design section has several design books specialised in abstract design books, abstract textures books, Indian print design books, flower design books, with several stories. There are new books with animal prints, cashmere prints, grunge designs & fresh surface textile designs.

Small Flowers, Botanical Prints, Artworks and print creations with decorations are unprecedented with its flower motifs as copies of nature textiles designs, nor concerned with realistic structure or form. Instead, the printed textile design transforms and illustrates flower in an abstract graphical movement, creating a design which is especially suited to fashion and textile fabrics, to embroidery and to decorative arts.