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Pantone Nylon Swatch Card (Individual)

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There are many colors in our cotton system that could not be reproduced on other substrates with the same degree of clarity or intensity. Our polyester system was developed with unique dyes specifically for polyester displaying a color depth best achieved on the non cotton-based textile dyed system. These colors are more saturated than those possible with natural fibers like cotton. With increased market crossover in material substrates, it was essential the polyester system be relevant across all design industries. Our polyester colors were curated to include the most relevant shades, taking into consideration of the ways in which multiple industries view and use color. Pantone Nylon Swatch cards are a mist for easy communication in the Nylon manufacturing industry. You can purchase the individual Nylon swatches at the perfecr size of 4inch x8 inch and then use it for the colormatching process.