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  • Subscription - 3 Issues (1 Yr)

Fur magazine offer you a complete information on fur garments, reporting the latest trends in the industry.

Our core business are fashion reports, analyzing trends on fur and leather garments from latest collections from international fashion shows and trade fairs. Published three times per year, Fur magazine gives your company a 360° overview on fur fashion business:


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ARS Fur Magazine Subscription | Overcoats, Jackets, Bags & Accessories

Weather plays a key role in the fashion industry and influences the fashion designs to a great extent. For instance, clothes you wear in summer will be different from the ones you wear in winter. This is why all fashion designers come up with at least four season collections in a year. Creative professionals need to be very mindful on the materials they choose each season and make sure that the material is wearable in that the particular season.

Certain materials such a fur and leather cannot be worn all year round. Thus, creating new and innovative garments using fur and leather garments can be a challenge because it is a very season-sensitive material. You will never see anyone wearing a fur overcoat or a leather jacket in summer or spring since the weather will be hot and humid. As a result, forecasting new designs and trends for these materials is more difficult. ARS caters to this niche market explicitly – this is why the book is a must have for designers/creative professionals.

ARS Sutoria has been publishing guides on season-specific materials since 1947.The latest edition of ARS Fur Magazine provides insights to the new and upcoming designs of winter overcoats, jackets, bags & accessories. The guide provides to detailed information on fur and leather garments.

ARS Fur Magazine gives to access to the latest news on collections from fashion shows reports, trade fairs, materials and trends. It has been created after carefully analysing the trends on fur and leather garments from the latest collections from trade fairs and international fashion shows.

The designs are presented in the form of high-quality images, which improves the visualisation abilities of the readers and enhances his creative abilities. It includes a large pool of designs and different color-tones to match the designs. In fact, the guide also contains magnified images of the materials and the prints used in the design, so the designers can imagine the look-and-feel of the material.

ARS Fur Book is not useful for designers but also stylists and other people who are interested in designing clothes made of fur and leather. It also includes detailed information on the accessories and bags, thereby making the designs more complete.

ARS Fur magazine is published 3 times per year and provides a complete outline of fur and leather fashion business.


  • It includes forecast and market-driven trend details

  • Covers trends inspired from street fashion as well as auction reports

  • Catwalk reports supporting the trends and the forecast

  • Details of emerging designers and stylists, whom readers can contact for collaboration

  • Also, includes auction reports

  • Offers information on companies and their profiles to give readers procurement information

  • Information on the materials and accessories for the designs


  • Designers praise the details analysis reported for each trend

  • Creative professionals are inspired by the variety of designs

  • Stylist find the accessory information quite useful

ARS Fur Magazine Subscription | Overcoats & Jackets

ARS Fur Magazine Subscription | Overcoats & Jackets

Fur magazine offer you a complete information on fur garments, reporting the latest trends in the industry. Our core business are fashion...

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