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Remember Textile factories / manufacturers and fashion houses are not just about work floors. They also need supporting offices with textile designers, accountants, sales and marketing staff, logistics, IT experts and even cooks and cleaners. International Fashion Magazines and fashion reports will give the best ideas on trending fashion and updated fashion trends in the current market and forecasting the next season fashion trends as well. We have said from the beginning that India remaining fabric mills are highly automated and that making clothes will remain a labour intensive business. But, a new industrial revolution is underway and it will affect the textiles and international fashion standards. Above all, technology and the Internet are levelling the playing field between big and small and freeing up innovation as the problems inherent in Creating a prototype, raising capital and financing a product launch become smaller and smaller. As a result the brands that will stay on the top will be the ones that are different in the market. Women’s Fashion Magazines and Men’s Fashion Magazines is a must to stay with the trends especially for products like shoes, bridalwear, dresses, nightwear, shirts, t-shirts, etc. Third" or 'fifth' it doesn't matter, we welcome the new industrial revolution. Even the International Kidswear Fashion Magazines will play an important role in the kidswear apparel fashion trends which define the production of kidswear designs,

Fashion Magazines have the latest cover pages are neatly presented by Design Info that has the largest inhouse magazines in India and supplied international fashion magazines and fashion reports from all around the world. Summer fashion magazines and winter fashion magazines like Vogue magazine and Elle Magazine will play an important role in every designer's life.

New fashion dresses with the latest fashion will have better colors, better trending dresses especially for the high fashion and luxury fashion brands. Accessories fashion magazines are developing a new liking with embroidery fashion picking up likes in the new generation again. Latest fashion trends for women will help indian fashion designers the most.The most innovative fashion will have the best sales in terms of sportswear, outerwear, innerwear, etc. Even magazines for general fashion, home decor, home & garden are needed by fashion design students on a daily basis. Indian modern fashion is best depicted in fashion magazines like Fashion Focus Magazine and Collezioni Magazine Subscription.

International Fashion Institutes in India trust Design Info as the one source for their fashion library needs. With over 10000 international fashion magazine subscriptions, we have the best service fo delivery of fashion magazines.

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A magazine for professionals: BOX Accessories Shoes, bags, fashion jewellery and stylish details are often distinctive accents of trendy fashion design are present in the latest Show Details Box Accessories Magazine. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 04/11 BOX Accessories proofs to be a professional help and orientation featuring an enormous number of inspiring ideas for the creation of accessory collections and fashionable outfits. The new trade magazine BOX Accessories provides a selection of the most interesting and trendsetting accessories from the international designer shows and presents them on all in all 288 pages with hundreds of significant colour photos, organized according to product types and design themes.
ARSUTORA Sketch & Style (Women) Shoes Magazine Subscription
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ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Woman is dedicated exclusively to woman footwear and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Please Note- Latest Edition will be delivered, however previous issues can be requested. Each season presents two volumes: ARSUTORIA Sketchbook: ARSUTORIA Designers analyze season forecast, individuating volumes’ trend and materials’ innovation to develop original and exclusive woman shoe sketches. They are published in December for SS and in May for AW. ARSUTORIA Style & Materials: the newest woman shoe prototypes, created by most important footwear designers in collaboration with materials and components manufactures; latest leathers, textiles, soles and accessories combined and exclusively presented. They are published in March for SS and in October for AW. Issues a year : 4 (Total No. Of Magazines)
View 2 Magazine Subscription (A/W & S/S)
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View 2 Magazine is created by the publishers of Textile View magazine but with a younger, more hip perspective focused on casual sportswear and denim lifestye for Men, Women and Children. There are articles dedicated to various cities that show the latest updates, pinpoint important retail brands plus features covering the hottest bar, restaurant and latest store openings. View 2‘s Magazine articles included style on the street, in the shops and on the catwalks highlighting lifestyle issues and attitudes plus current and future fashion trends. In addition, there is information about color, fabrics, denim washes, new technologies & materials, sketches, graphics and lots of photos. Contributors are industry professionals with lots of experience in some of the biggest design houses. They offer their expertise on subjects from textiles, fabrics, trims and accessories to key fashion items. View 2 magazine is targeted to help manufacturers and retailers to design, create and manufacture the right products to sell to the urban sportswear and denim markets.
House Beautiful (USA) Magazine Subscription
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House Beautiful Makeovers - The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends. House Beautiful Magazine Subscription begins from the latest Edition always.
Worn Magazine No. 02
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Welcome to Worn Magazine - Our new collaboration with trend forecasters and denim gurus Sue Barrett and Katy Rutherford. Exploring global street style-trends and the vintage garments that inspire them. Volume One profiles current neo-vintage looks and contemporary patchwork and mending as a resource for both collectors and designers.
Frame Interiors Magazine Subscription
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Frame is the world's leading trade magazine about interior and product design. The most interesting, contemporary designs from around the globe: Frame shows where to find them and presents them in 6 inspiring issues. The magazine focuses on photos and drawings and is an indispensable reference for professionals in interior design and other creative people.
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Show Details Women Magazine - Paris is a new and innovative concept for fashion collection magazines displaying the catwalks in a focused way by highlighting the key details of the season’s major designers. Every important stylist is represented by featuring the best designs from their show rather than each collection in full. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 04/12 The silhouettes in the Show details Magazine chosen are photographed in their entirety with a small vignette, spotlighting the details at the top of the page. One picture follows the next, appearing as though on a catwalk giving the viewer the feeling of actually attending the show. There is an enlarged close-up below of the garments chosen targeting the element(s) that make that outfit noteworthy.