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Premiere Vision SS2019 Color Card
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For the first time, this range brings together the key seasonal information for all activity sectors: RTW, accessories, leather goods, shoes and components for fashion jewellery. A unique tool, both technical and inspirational. The S/S 19 colour range includes: a poster with the 26 colours of the season a colour-card to cut out, an indispensable tool for working color in patterns and silhouettes, and to validate the conformity of dye launches. a USB key with: – a digital colour range (.ase file) ready to import into creative software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) – a digital colour range (.qtx file) with the universal LAB values to elaborate industrial dyes or prints  – a booklet of the season, in PDF format. – the season’s colour atmospheres, with suggestions for colour harmonies by market
Architectural Digest (USA) Magazine Subscription
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As the international design authority, Architectural Digest Magazine Subscription offers exclusive access to the best in decorating, architecture, shopping, art and antiques, and travel destinations. Architectural Digest Magazine brings you inspiration, ideas, and sources from across the design spectrum—from sleekly modern to grandly traditional, and everything in between. Esquire Magazine Subscription will always begin from the latest Edition. Dispatch & Delivery in 2 to 3 Days.
ARS Arpel Sketchbook Bag Sketches Magazine Subscription
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ARPEL Sketchbook is dedicated exclusively to handbags design and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Each season ARPEL, in collaboration with ARSUTORIA School, presents its trend forecasting analysis published in ARSUTORIA Trend Guide and focused on bags industry: four themes described with colours, materials and shapes. They are published in November for SS and in April for AW. Magazine Subscription will always begin from the latest Edition Each subscription includes: 2 paper magazines / Year FedEx shipment access to digital magazines available online through arsarpel. com access to “Ars Magazines 2.0” for iOS and Android – digital magazines available offline on your mobile/tablet
Arsutoria Only Man Magazine Subscription
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ARSUTORIA ONLY MAN Magazine focus on woman shoes collections.A hard cover book for man shoes AW1617, more than 200 pages of shoes collections to recap seasonal trends.Only pictures of next-coming shoes from fairs and catwalks that we have selected from our ARSUTORIA magazines.One issue published for Spring/Summer in December and one for Autumn/Winter in MayRegardless of the image displayed, Subscription always begins from the latest Edition
Arsutoria Sketch & Style (Men) Shoes Magazine Subscription
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ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Man Magazine for Men Shoes is dedicated exclusively to men footwear and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Each season ARSUTORIA presents its trend forecasting analysis published in ARSUTORIA Trend Guide and focused on shoes industry: four themes described with colours, materials and shapes. You will get the latest edition. You may request a different season also. Issues a Year : 4 Published on : March, June, September, December ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Magazine for Men Footwear & Shoes Design focuses the forecast analysis on man footwear, providing exclusive designs and ideas by international designers, through sketches, materials and prototypes.
ARS Sutoria Shoe Trends Magazine Subscription
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Arsutoria Magazine provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology. Each shoes magazine issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report. Fashion reports are Arsutoria Magazines core business: Fashion reports are also available online in HD: Arsutoria reader can access online to the extra contents. ARSUTORIA Magazines subscription include access to digital version, via web and through tablet and mobile app. Subscription always begins from latest Edition.
Arsutoria Footwear Technical Dictionary Magazine Subscription
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Description The Footwear Technical Dictionary has more than 1000 terms translated in five languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The Italian and the English sections, besides the translations of each term into the other four languages appearing in the relative secondary columns, provide its synthetic but exhaustive definition, respectively in Italian and in English. The dictionary, in its Italian and English sections, is also provided with numerous illustrations constituting a helpful, sometimes indispensable, complement to the definitions.  
ARS Fur Magazine Subscription | Overcoats & Jackets
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Fur magazine offer you a complete information on fur garments, reporting the latest trends in the industry. Our core business are fashion reports, analyzing trends on fur and leather garments from latest collections from international fashion shows and trade fairs. Published three times per year, Fur magazine gives your company a 360° overview on fur fashion business:
Arsutoria Trend Guide | Shoes & Bags | Subscription
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The ARSUTORIA Trends Guide is specifically developed for designers and merchandisers who have to create collections in the field of shoes & bags. The typical workflow of a company has to deal not only with creativity and trends but also with marketing, merchandising and technical development. Thanks to the connection between the publishing house and the ARSUTORIA School we are in the conditions to offer a unique tool. Each season, 18 months in advance December & May
ARSTRENDS Website Shoes Subscription
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ArsTrends Shoe Access Subscription Full access to the SHOES and MATERIALS sections of ArsTrends.Weekly uploads of photos from collections from trade fairs catwalks from New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks retail windows from most important world fashion capitols exclusive sketches by Arsutoria Designers original prototypes for upcoming seasons

Remember Textile factories / manufacturers and fashion houses are not just about work floors. They also need supporting offices with textile designers, accountants, sales and marketing staff, logistics, IT experts and even cooks and cleaners. International Fashion Magazines and fashion reports will give the best ideas on trending fashion and updated fashion trends in the current market and forecasting the next season fashion trends as well. We have said from the beginning that India remaining fabric mills are highly automated and that making clothes will remain a labour intensive business. But, a new industrial revolution is underway and it will affect the textiles and international fashion standards. Above all, technology and the Internet are levelling the playing field between big and small and freeing up innovation as the problems inherent in Creating a prototype, raising capital and financing a product launch become smaller and smaller. As a result the brands that will stay on the top will be the ones that are different in the market. Women’s Fashion Magazines and Men’s Fashion Magazines is a must to stay with the trends especially for products like shoes, bridalwear, dresses, nightwear, shirts, t-shirts, etc. Third" or 'fifth' it doesn't matter, we welcome the new industrial revolution. Even the International Kidswear Fashion Magazines will play an important role in the kidswear apparel fashion trends which define the production of kidswear designs,

Fashion Magazines have the latest cover pages are neatly presented by Design Info that has the largest inhouse magazines in India and supplied international fashion magazines and fashion reports from all around the world. Summer fashion magazines and winter fashion magazines like Vogue magazine and Elle Magazine will play an important role in every designer's life.

New fashion dresses with the latest fashion will have better colors, better trending dresses especially for the high fashion and luxury fashion brands. Accessories fashion magazines are developing a new liking with embroidery fashion picking up likes in the new generation again. Latest fashion trends for women will help indian fashion designers the most.The most innovative fashion will have the best sales in terms of sportswear, outerwear, innerwear, etc. Even magazines for general fashion, home decor, home & garden are needed by fashion design students on a daily basis. Indian modern fashion is best depicted in fashion magazines like Fashion Focus Magazine and Collezioni Magazine Subscription.

International Fashion Institutes in India trust Design Info as the one source for their fashion library needs. With over 10000 international fashion magazine subscriptions, we have the best service fo delivery of fashion magazines.