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Tripod Legs

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A camera tripod can very well be bought as a stand-alone unit. But at the same time, most of them can be broken down and segregated into basic components. It is made up of a quick-release plate, a head, a center column and the tripod legs. Choosing the right components ensures that you are prepared to click pictures efficiently in any situation.

The legs of a tripod are responsible for securely holding the camera and controlling its movement. Depending on the maximum height, there might be three to five sections in the legs of the tripod

Choosing a Tripod Leg

A few important factors to consider while buying a tripod leg are the height, the collapsed size and weight it can take. A lot of camera tripod stands have a single section leg. They may be solid and sturdy but aren’t an ideal tripod to carry around. 

Here are a few things you should consider while investing in tripod legs only:  

Material of Tripod Leg

There are many materials available right from steel to exotic basalt lava. But most of the brands making modular tripods primarily use carbon fiber, aluminium or wood. 

Aluminium being a traditional option is strong, durable and heavy. But markets have now switched to carbon fiber tripod legs which is a combination of strong yet lightweight making it the preferred choice for photographers. 

Tripod Leg Locks

Another key component to take note of is the leg locks. Multi-section legs usually have a locking mechanism to prevent it from retracting while mounting the device. Most photography tripods have two types of leg locks– flip locks and twist locks. 

Flip locks, also known as lever locks, use a lever to compress the upper section and lock the lower one. 

On the other hand, the twist-lock accomplishes the same tightening by locking both the sections together. 

Tripod Legs Load Capacity

Both, budget tripod legs and the best tripod legs have a maximum load capacity. It is a crucial decision to make while buying a tripod. It depends on the cameras you will be mounting and the lenses that you will be using along with them. 

The common rule of thumb is to choose a camera tripod that has at least twice the load capacity of your heaviest camera and lens. 

Flexibility of Tripod Legs

Many travellers and vloggers use Octopus legs, also known as flexible tripod legs for maximum flexibility. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are also used for extreme photography to achieve the perfect angle. 

Since the usability of this tripod is very low, make sure you have a replacement tripod leg ready to use in an emergency situation.

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