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Lightning speed with Tether Tools USB 3.0 Tethering Cables for Data Transfer

USB 3.0 Cables

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Use Tetherpro USB 3.0 cables for high-speed data transfer
Transferring a huge volume of data is a time-consuming process. But what if you can do it within seconds with utmost accuracy? With the new series of USB 3.0 cables, transfer data in no time! Purchase the new generation cables from our website: efficiency and performance guaranteed!
In the era of modernized technologies, we want everything to be fast and reliable. Data management is of no excuse. From processing the data to transferring it to the clients, a lot of hard work is involved. But what if at the end of the day all the work done is lost due to some sort of technical problems? Or the transferring work is time-consuming? It is of no good. Well, we can help a little bit there! Therefore, problems caused due to your USB cable and data transfer will be an old story!
So we have come up with exclusive brands of USB 3.0 cables and tethering gadgets. Tethertools USB 3.0 tethering cables and Tetherpro USB 3.0 give you precise results in handling all your photos, videos, and any other information. They are stronger and are quality products. Hence, they have a longer life compared to other types of USB cables. 
Things to be noted while choosing Tethertools USB 3.0 cable
USB 3.0 types ensure super speed and accuracy even for mass storage of data. USB 3.0 consists of nine pins and they usually have a larger “B” end. Also they usually have a blue mark or a “superspeed” icon, to differentiate them from the 2.0 models. One point is that they will not fit into USB 2.0 printers or scanners.
This USB model is just a modernized revision of the Universal Serial Bus, introduced in the year 2008. Reportedly, it increased the data transfer speed rate up to 4.8 GB per second. That is much faster than the older versions of USB cables. Therefore, it created more power management for the cable and it maximized the bus power. Additionally, a high-quality cable can be more than three meters in length. 
Additionally, the revised model made new connectors and cables that induce the transfer speeds. Modern computers and laptops are changing to the new 3.0 ports. Many popular manufacturers have introduced them to the markets already! 

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