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Fastest file transfer, Buy Tether Tools USB 2.0 Tethering Cables

USB 2.0 Cables

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The benefits of using Tetherpro USB 2.0 cables
When you buy a tethering cable it is really important that you choose the best brand. Our high-speed USB 2.0 cables will make your work even smoother and easier even amidst your hectic schedule. Grab the premium products from an experienced vendor! Design Info is here for all your technological needs!
The devices that are suitable with 2.0 versions can transmit data files at a speed of 480 MB per second. This is much fast than the previous USB version of 1.1. The USB 1.1 model was released in the year 1998. And the next variant, that is the USB 2.0 speed version, which came in the year 2000. Their speed and power are adequate for a high-current device. 
Compatibility and usage of Tether Tools 2.0 cables
If we talk about the compatibility of tethering cables, USB 2.0 type-A models and USB 2.0 type-B models go with both 3.0 and 1.1 versions. While the micro versions, such as micro 2.0 type-A plugs, are physically suitable for micro-AB models. The micro 2.0 type-B plugs go with all the variants like 2.0, USB 3.0, micro-B, and micro-AB. And the same pattern goes for mini-plug versions as well. 
Considering the length of the cables we use, the 2.0 model limits the length of a cable between 2.0 devices to five meters. Even if it is full-speed or hi-speed. The cables are widely used in connecting the devices such as external hard drives, scanners, and printers. If you are a photographer, then 2.0 is perfect for you! These cables support digital-photography devices and other cameras also.
As per the latest reports, the 2.0 data cable is good to attach to a wide variety of peripheral devices. This includes mice, keyboards, printers and scanners, video games, and other mobile devices and network adapters. Another widely used and convenient USB device similar to 2.0 is the flash drive or the memory sticks.
You can plug these tethering cables into a USB socket. Hence you can use it as a USB power supply for direct DC current. This helps in attaching external devices such as speakers and recharging batteries. This can also be helpful in devices such as keyboard lamps and also miniature refrigerators we use.

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