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C/U Chips Book

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C/U Chips Book

Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated at Rs15000/- FREE DELIVERY INDIA

The Pantone solid chip book, A user-friendly Solid Chip Book
The Pantone solid chips bring a collection of colours that can be utilised by designers across the globe. Pantone is known for the foundation it has laid to communicate about colours through the well-defined identification given to each shade. This Pantone colour guide has 2162 shades and 294 new added colours as well. This keeps the buyers well informed about the cascade of colours available as well as maintain an updated colour referencing chart that will ensure that their designs are relevant. The Pantone chip book comes as a set of two hardbound books that can be preserved for a longer time. This chip book of Pantone has several advantages over the other shade cards and ensures that the buyers can get the maximum utility.
Pantone Chip Book, Assisting Designers Globally
The Pantone chip book has a barrage of colour options that can be used by designers to reference and match colours. These removable chips are extremely helpful in creating new designs as they can be attached to mood boards, aiding designers to visualise the various colours that can be incorporated within the design. A visualisation of shades is always better to give a conclusive result allowing innovations based on themes to take place in a smooth flowing manner.
This Pantone solid chip book comes in a set of coated and uncoated books that have all the same colours within the two hardbound casings. Pantone solid chips uncoated have identical colours and the coated chip book and each of them has 6 removable chips. The advantages of having chips are that it allows the users to distribute these chips between the team members and is a much better option that an entire team sharing one colour referencing book. Once a designer has curated the ideas for the new creation, the chips can be given to the other team members and even the printers or manufacturers who can use the colour reference chip to give the desired outcome.
The removable chips make it easier to communicate via visual representation and can be sent over to factory units to describe the colours that the designer wishes to incorporate. These chips are arranged in a chromatic manner making it a visually appealing and easy to use guide. As a user-friendly reference book, it gives the buyers a guide that will be utilised for years and contains classic and new colours that can aid the designers in adding aesthetic value to the desired surface.
Buy Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated at Rs15000/- & get FREE DELIVERY in INDIA. Learn & Understand about Pantone Solid Chi[s and Get 30 day return Policy.

  • What is the difference between Pantone Solid Chips & Guide?

    The solid chips book has 6 removable chips per color but the pantone solid guide is a fan shaped product that can only be used to reference colors but not remove ant chips

  • Does the Pantone Solid Chips & Guide have different number of colors?

    Both the solid chips and the guide have exactly same number of colors and go hand in hand with each other.