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Pantone Pink Shades | Handpicked Pink Pantone Colors

Pantone Pink Shades
The colour pink is called the sister of the colour red but as its uniqueness. It is a colour that evokes a positive feeling, unlike the colour red. A universally accepted colour of love, pink romanticises the environment. Pink signifies beauty and was closely associated with the feminist. Historically pink was considered to be a colour that was used by women predominantly. With the dismissal of these preconceived gender specifications, the fashion world has been responsible for abolishing this notion. A colour of good health, pink is a colour of optimism which has been used globally by several industries. With a vast spectrum of pink variations available, below are some of the options provided by Pantone.
Pantone Pink Yarrow
Pink Yarrow is a colour that can’t be missed. It is a colour that can is associated with temptation and desire, this colour has been adopted by the fashion industry and has managed to receive a roaring response. Being a colour that represents fun and evokes the emotion of excitement, Pink yarrow has been an ideal choice to be donned all year long. Though the colour is closely associated with the tropics, this colour being a darker hue, it has also made its way to the red-carpet events a few times.
Pantone Pale Dogwood
This subtle shade of pink has is become a go-to for summer spring fashion apparels. The colour is associated with tranquillity and triggers calm and peaceful memories among the viewers. Like the name suggests it is a colour that is on the pale side and can be compared to the subtlety of beige as well. The colour is used in the cosmetic and beauty product industry and is described as the colour of blush as well.
Pantone Petal Pink
The Petal Pink name is derived from the abundance of delicate beautiful flowers found in nature in the colour pink. It is a colour that defines innocence, purity and is delicate in nature. It has a soothing effect on the viewers and is predominantly used in the home décor sphere. Due to its subtlety and neutral tone, this shade has been seen on tiles and wallpapers used in washrooms and has been utilised by the hotel industry as well.
Pantone Fuchsia Pink
Another pink colour that has been utilised by the fashion industry in a mammoth magnitude, this shade is an amalgamation of pink and subtle resemblance to purple. It is a colour that has all the symbolisms that the colour pink represents. Being a brighter colour, it instils the feeling of confidence, power and imparts a sense of assurance as well. It is also a representation of maturity and responsibility. Like its origin colour pink, it is also a symbol of love.
Pantone Rose Quartz
This colour is named after the pink crystal Rose Quartz that is popular for its healing properties. The colour is created by getting inspired by this stone and since this crystal is a symbol for love, this shade of pink predominantly as love and romance associated with it. This colour is deemed to reinstall harmony. Being a neutral shade, this light pink colour psychologically has a positive effect on its viewers.

  • How is Pantone Pink used in the fashion industry?

    Pantone Pink has been a staple in the fashion industry for years. Designers often use this color to add a touch of femininity and warmth to their collections. From evening gowns to everyday wear, Pantone Pink adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.

  • What emotions are commonly associated with Pantone Pink?

    Pantone Pink is often linked to feelings of love, compassion, and warmth. It’s a color that evokes positivity and hope, making it a favorite for many.

  • How does Pantone Pink compare to other shades in the Pantone collection?

    While Pantone offers a vast spectrum of colors, Pantone Pink stands out due to its versatility and emotional resonance. It’s a color that can be both bold and subtle, making it unique in the Pantone collection.

  • Why do brands often choose Pantone Pink for their marketing campaigns?

    Brands opt for Pantone Pink because of the emotions it evokes. It’s a color that resonates with a wide audience, making it perfect for branding and marketing efforts.