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FXLion India: Leading Battery Solutions for Film & Photography Professionals

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FXLion in India: Powering Creativity with Advanced Battery Solutions

In the realm of film and photography, equipment power solutions play a pivotal role. FXLion, a globally recognized brand, has emerged as a trusted name in this domain, offering innovative battery solutions to professionals across India.

Why FXLion is the Go-To Choice for Professionals?

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: FXLion is celebrated for its state-of-the-art battery solutions. From V-Mount Batteries to Nano Series, the brand ensures that users get reliable power for their equipment.
  2. Versatility: FXLion’s product range is diverse, catering to various power needs. Whether it’s for lighting equipment like the Skypanel S-60 or Gemini, or for laptops on the go, FXLion has a solution.
  3. Durability and Design: Crafted with precision, FXLion products promise longevity and performance. Their sleek design ensures that they can be easily integrated into any professional setup.

FXLion’s Impact in India

Over the years, FXLion has expanded its presence in India, ensuring that its top-tier products are accessible to customers across the country. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their robust pre-and post-sales support.

Popular FXLion Products in India

  • FXLion Nano One: A 50WH 14.8V battery solution that is ultra-compact and reliable. Ideal for professionals on the move.
  • FXLion Nano Three: Another addition to the Nano series, offering ultra-compact V-Mount solutions for diverse needs.
  • FXLion Chargers: From 2-Channel Mini Chargers for V-Mount to PL-3680B Chargers, FXLion ensures that your equipment is always powered up and ready to go.


In the world of professional photography and videography, power solutions are crucial. FXLion, with its innovative products, ensures that professionals never have to compromise on their creativity due to power constraints. As the brand continues to introduce state-of-the-art products, Indian professionals can look forward to more reliable and efficient power solutions.