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Publications from Andre Nowack from University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld on Prints & Designs:

Design Books include a DVD where you will find 138 vector and layered multi-purpose designs, suitable for Fashion, Home - Interior Design, Architecture, Home Textiles and Printing Textiles Industry , Beauty, Lifestyle, Gift Wrapping, Stationery... All designs are ready-to-use separated on different layers for colouring and easy adapting to your technical devices. All designs are developed taking into account the specific criteria of the industry.

Ready to use MIXED INSPIRATIONS, incl. DVD
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MIXED INSPIRATIONS for your tremendous wide range of collections – both in textile design and surface design. MIXED INSPIRATIONS symbolize the intention to cheerfully mix designs and themes, colors and textures – as in fashion and interior-design. This new design publication picks up the trend to re-combine everything: designs and themes, colors and textures. MIXED INSPIRATIONS for all métiers: fashion and beauty, interior design, home- and household textiles, wallpaper, gift wrapping and stationery. There are no limits. This new publication MIXED INSPIRATIONS of the ready-to-use series presents a highly up to date range of inspirational and all-purpose patterns. You will find an extraordinary variety of designs: classic patterns, tile motifs, floral patterns, geometric designs, black & whites, denim & indigo patterns, dots, textures, small allovers and many more.