Culture and People in Margate, UK

The Handsome Freaks crew (clockwise from back left): Evie, 14, sales assistant, Becky, 17, sales assistant, Ally Blackgrove, 29, owner, Rebecca, 18, sales assistant

With ever-increasing house prices pushing ‘creatives’ out of London, seaside towns like Margate (laboriously labeled Shoreditch-on-Sea) in Kent are seeing an influx of Londoners drawn to its plentiful period properties, affordable rent, amazing sea views and sense of freedom. Add a contemporary art gallery into the mix and creative hubs are bound to thrive – and Margate […]

Tastiest Sea-Meat Seaweed, Hanan Alkouh, UK

Tastiest Sea-Meat Seaweed, Hanan Alkouh, UK

Hanan Alkouh, who recently graduated with a master’s degree in material futures from Central Saint Martins, asks: ‘How do we replicate the culture of meat keeping and meat eating in a post-meat world?’ She speculates on a future where meat is supplanted, yet the vocations of the farmer, slaughterer and butcher remain. Her Sea-Meat Seaweed […]

Best Denim Trends in a Story – Story Brand, UK

Best Denim Trends in a Story - Story Brand, UK

With organic fabrics, natural dyes, seasonless cuts and a studied seriousness when it comes to slow and steady production processes, UK denim brand Story takes a carefully considered approach to clothes manufacturing. Founders Katy Rutherford and Saeed Al-Rubeyi (aka Katy Katazome and Bobbin Threadbare) aim to craft a tale for their public, using vintage cuts […]