Time Travel Paradise & Footwear Museum Collection

CIAO 1980-1983 Shoes

You might have noticed that some shoes on the previous pages are not recent at all; but, it is also possible that, without studying the captions, you may not have. We decided to put some of the 11,000 shoes of SLEM’s Footwear Museum collection in the mix to show how historic innovation is indistinguishable from current design. […]

Deep Space Effect on Boots Styles

Earth is far away. This is a minimal world inside capsules, vessels and space stations. Surfaces are smooth or crackled and clean, uni-colour combinations dominate. Finishes are smooth and matte, or have a dark metallic shimmer. Silhouettes are elongated and sleek, but chunky elements feature in the sole or heel. For materials, we mainly see […]

Hunters Paradise High Heels and More Shoe Styles

Hunters Paradise High Heels and More Shoe Styles

Cut off from the rest of the world, relying only on what you can take from nature… that is, until you return to your designer cabin in the woods! This is all about stylish survival. Colors are muted to blend in with the woods; materials are tough and made to last; and constructions are robust […]

Gypsy Paradise Footwear Stories

Gypsy Paradise Footwear Stories

A tight-knit band of men and women travelling around, spending their days making music, predicting the future and telling dark stories. In this theme, we see deep, rich colours and a contrast between velvet-like surfaces and shiny materials. Towering platform heels feature elaborate applications or embroidery styles that has a floral design, bling and very figurative.

Surfers Paradise – Tropical Footwear Trends

Surfers Paradise - Tropical Footwear Trends

Imagine a tropical beach in future Jamaica. Surfers moving from spot to spot to find the perfect surf in a carefree atmosphere that is laid back, yet constantly connected to social media and streaming music. This contrast between summer relaxation and modern connectivity shows in bright colors, comfortable silhouettes and an eclectic mix of floral, […]

Shoreline – Faded Hand Finished Classics

Shoreline - Faded Hand Finished Classics

SOURCE An authentic Riviera aesthetic is revisited as we take inspiration from designers focussed on authentic, natural fabrics with an archival look and feel that include dry hopsack-like weaves and loosely woven linens. These traditional craftsmanship looks are found in the collections of Anissa Aida and Orley. COLOUR A palette rooted in traditionally nautical tones […]