Reusing Human Hair : Extraordinary Resource

Reusing Human Hair Extraordinary Resource

Earth Overshoot Day 2016, the date when humanity exhausted nature’s budget for the year, fell on 8 August. As the Earth’s finite resources become further depleted, designers are reinventing our abundance of waste, using it to create precious artifacts and useful new products. One readily available material that could prove an extraordinary resource is a […]

Discarded Items? Build Your Wardrobe & House

Discarded Items Build Your Wardrobe & House

Responding to overconsumption and our oversaturated consumer landscape, designer Helen Kirkum proposes a circular alternative. She has repurposed and remastered discarded sneakers, breaking the originals down into multiple components and then reconfiguring these parts into new and unique products. With the Post-Couture Collective Martijn van Strien has set out to provide an alternative to disposable […]

Ad Hoc : Democratised Design and Production

Ad Hoc Democratised Design and Production

We are witnessing a new industrial revolution; one that rejects big business and pursues democratized design and production. Consumers are demonstrating new values around consumption, and designers are shifting their focus from polished, elitist design to more ad hoc new crafts that mash together digital fabrication and reclaimed materials, creating a design direction with an […]