Colors of Different Signature Smartphone

Smartphones are currently the talk of the town with new features and technologies evolving every day. Along with providing technological improvements, manufacturers have been providing more personalisation and customisability options by offering more colour options which reflect one’s lifestyle and match their sense of fashion. Gone are the days when you had limited colour options […]

How Colours Affect Our Mood & Emotions

Have you ever imagined what your life would look like if you woke up to nothing but black, white and grey one day? No, we aren’t talking about the colours in your rooms alone. You could be someone who is an avid monochrome lover and that’s fine. But what if the entire world went colourless? […]


Summer is a season filled not only with sun, sand and water but also sweat and smell. It is sometimes so hot and humid that we don’t even care about fashion or any trends, we just want to wear something comfortable. But, this summer you can be comfortable as well as stylish. Style does not […]

List of Color Shade Cards for Brand Designers

Design Info has the long term occurrence in Industry with a maturity of 45 years. We have the latest technical approach and a Dedicated Brand Manager team to communicate our brand story and to generate our Universal consumer pull. Design Info also have largest network with top designers who inspires our clientele to choose more […]

Pantone Luxury with Serenity, Spa-like Experience

Pantone Luxury & Serenity

PRODUCTS-Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salt – Rose Garden Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salt – Lavender Mystery “This is a mesmerizing luxury bath salt that comes in two scents, lavender, and rose. Just add one cap of the bath salts in your bathtub, and you will have the most relaxing spa-like experience at home. The bath […]

Right Colour Shade: Its Indispensability in Brand Packaging Design with Miracles

Colour is a pretty understated concept in an industry that is more or less obsessed with brand consciousness and customer relationship. But, colour is the first feature that comes to a person’s mind which can create an everlasting impact on the person’s feelings as well as decisions. The product’s choice of the pantone colour in […]

Pantone Graphic Shades for Gifts Packing Most Trending

Why use Pantone Graphic Shades for Gift Packaging? We are born in this wonderful planet which itself consists of colorful living entities. Every object that we see , touch, keep or consider has Color. It is one of the important distinguishing factor which help us to separate our vision from one object to another. When […]

Pantone Colour Accuracy in Packaging Paper Industry Designers

Billions of dollars are spent on packaging by top brands. Colour plays an integral role in identifying the personality of a particular brand. Studies show that consumers relate primarily to the colour and then the packaging of the brand. Consumers wish to see the same colour on their favourite brands as it creates a sense […]

Hues of Life, Color Trend Forecasting for SS2021

He Who Wishes To Become A Master Of Colors,. Must See, Feel, And Experience Each Individual Color In Its Endless Combinations With All Other Colors -Johannes Itten COLORFUL STORY…. The use of colors have been since the prehistoric ages, but the colors used were basic colors like red,yellow, green and black. The color shades that […]

Color Specification Pantone Tools / Books

New trends in color Inspiration:- Color plays a very significant role in the world where we are living. Colors may please you, irritates you, change your thinking and very importantly describes you. Every color denotes a meaning like white is the color of calmness and peace. Red is the color of happiness. Green is the […]