Pantone Colour Accuracy in Packaging Paper Industry Designers

Billions of dollars are spent on packaging by top brands. Colour plays an integral role in identifying the personality of a particular brand. Studies show that consumers relate primarily to the colour and then the packaging of the brand. Consumers wish to see the same colour on their favourite brands as it creates a sense […]

Why Pantone is the Most Common Guide with Fashion Designers?

Pantone is the Most common guide with Fashion Designers

Purchasing commercial print can be a lot like determining how to embellish your living room area. Finding the right balance of color and structure to obtain the look you want can be a daunting task. When it comes to color especially, you may need several passes, whether of paint samples or digital design versions, to get the color just right. Knowing […]

The Usage of Colors in the life of Fashion Designers: Color Guide in Depth

The Usage of Colors in the life of Fashion Designers Color Guide in Depth

Colours can speak all languages… …so true! Colour has the power to express and emote so many emotions and feelings. Colours are such an integral part of our lives and identity. They exude so much about our personality and aura, isn’t it? I personally feel that colours are the host to the imagination and a […]