Right Colour Shade: Its Indispensability in Brand Packaging Design with Miracles

Colour is a pretty understated concept in an industry that is more or less obsessed with brand consciousness and customer relationship. But, colour is the first feature that comes to a person’s mind which can create an everlasting impact on the person’s feelings as well as decisions. The product’s choice of the pantone colour in […]

Pantone Graphic Shades for Gifts Packing Most Trending

Why use Pantone Graphic Shades for Gift Packaging? We are born in this wonderful planet which itself consists of colorful living entities. Every object that we see , touch, keep or consider has Color. It is one of the important distinguishing factor which help us to separate our vision from one object to another. When […]

Pantone Colour Accuracy in Packaging Paper Industry Designers

Billions of dollars are spent on packaging by top brands. Colour plays an integral role in identifying the personality of a particular brand. Studies show that consumers relate primarily to the colour and then the packaging of the brand. Consumers wish to see the same colour on their favourite brands as it creates a sense […]