Nelly Ben Hayoun – Award Winning Director

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun is an award-winning film director and designer whose work blends music, science, film, theatre and more to create subversive events and experiences. A French native, she studied at London’s Royal College of Art where she was a pupil of Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, renowned for their Design Interactions courses. Ben Hayoun […]

Crafted Symbiosis – Respect for Nature

Crockery in black basalt by Max Lamb for 1882 Ltd

Respect for nature combines with technological and scientific innovation in a design direction that channels craft through a contemporary filter. Consumers are rejecting mass-produced, homogenized design churned out by global corporations in editions of hundreds of thousands, and are shifting their retail preferences from global to local. They are buying locally produced goods underpinned by […]