Augmented Empathy Through Design Can Connect Profoundly

Clouds over Sidra by Within, a VR experience that tells the story of a 12-year-old girl living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

We are now able to engage empathy through design, allowing us to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. The design is being used as a tool to connect us profoundly, in a way that no other form of media can achieve. Both visually and through sensorial distortion, new devices are able to temporarily […]

Pantone ‘GREENERY’ Color of the Year with Tech

Pantone Greenery color of the year 2017 Report

My obsession with colors and its various hues dictates the way I visualize things. The world of colors not only enables me to create the most vivid imagination but also gives me wings to escape from the dry realities of life. Colors define your aesthetic sense. The ability to merge various hues to create a superior shade is what […]

Pantone Color Guide for Commercial Printing Process – One Step Ahead

Commercial Pantone Textile Printing with Color Guides

If you are a graphic designer, then each time you try to create a unique design you need to keep in mind which color to consider. This mainly because of the price of the color. The more color you use in your design the higher will be the budget. For example, if you are drawing […]