Fabric Direction for Athlete & Sportswear

Fabric Direction for Athlete & Sportswear

Fresh Mesh Digital tie-dye printed effects, 3D structural raised surface features, space-dyed yarns, and multi-sized mesh hole constructions are just some of the ways mesh is being rejuvenated to become as aesthetically interesting as it is functionally astute. Plush As it is a winter season we expect warmth and insulation to be a big feature […]

Sport Activewear Fabric News: Which yarn will dominate the market?


PONTETORTO At last November’s edition of Performance Days, renowned Italian fleece specialist Pontetorto won the prestigious Eco Performance Award for their new functional knit development ECO HYBRID, a hybrid solution that combines various fibres and zones together to create truly functional garments. Imagine the needs of the human body where different body parts heat up and cool […]

Industrial Luxe – Does it feel enchanting?

Industrial Luxe - Does it feel enchanting

Industrial materials are elevated to designed forms and celebrated for their inherent qualities. Stainless steel wire-framed structures in primary-coloured, powdered coatings create a sophisticated, bright utilitarian aesthetic. Furniture is constructed of juxtaposed 2D geometric shapes to create graphic layers, often with a trompe l’oeil effect on perceptions of dimension. Alternatively, structures are formed through gentle wire bending to […]