Waistcoats with denims? Yes it works for men!

Waistcoats with denims works for mens

With a tendency to look uptight (and rather boring), this season’s waistcoats were quite the opposite. Often worn over denim shirts for a top-to-toe denim look, we spotted exquisite detailing with selvage-edged pockets and front placket inserts, chic metalwork branding and both asymmetric and symmetric patchworks. Printed neckties add an authentic touch.

Augmented Empathy Through Design Can Connect Profoundly

Clouds over Sidra by Within, a VR experience that tells the story of a 12-year-old girl living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

We are now able to engage empathy through design, allowing us to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. The design is being used as a tool to connect us profoundly, in a way that no other form of media can achieve. Both visually and through sensorial distortion, new devices are able to temporarily […]

The Inclusive Making Hub – Makerversity

The Inclusive Making Hub - Makerversity (2)

Makerversity is a tight-knit community of emerging maker businesses that behaves as a ‘shared creative and technical brain,’ says Ursula Davies, group MD. Makerversity, which has campuses in London and Amsterdam, provides members with a co-working space fully equipped with workshops, machines and tools. The driving force behind Makerversity, explains Davies, is to inspire young […]

Whats the fizz about Fermented Food?

The fizz about Fermented Food

There’s a buzz – certainly more than a fizz – about fermented foods, as people keen on the positive effects of probiotics and good gut health rediscover this centuries-old method of food preservation. Fermented foods have long been known to promote the presence of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Today, many traditional foods from […]

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

There is a growing need for new products which assume multiple roles and are designed to work in more than one context. Quiet and compact, the Teawith Kettle, designed by Royal College of Art graduate Keren Hu, fits the bill exactly. Smaller than a standard kettle, with the stylish, minimalist looks of a modern teapot, […]