Kia Utzon-Frank The Idea Sculptor

Kia Utzon-Frank The Idea Sculptor

It seems as though there’s no limit to what Kia Utzon-Frank’s KUFStudio can create. One project that has gained the studio much attention is the production of small, geometric shapes that resemble desk ornaments but are in fact cakes. Utzon-Frank originally trained as a goldsmith and has now brought her eye for sleek modern design […]

Augmented Empathy Through Design Can Connect Profoundly

Clouds over Sidra by Within, a VR experience that tells the story of a 12-year-old girl living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan

We are now able to engage empathy through design, allowing us to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. The design is being used as a tool to connect us profoundly, in a way that no other form of media can achieve. Both visually and through sensorial distortion, new devices are able to temporarily […]

Whats the fizz about Fermented Food?

The fizz about Fermented Food

There’s a buzz – certainly more than a fizz – about fermented foods, as people keen on the positive effects of probiotics and good gut health rediscover this centuries-old method of food preservation. Fermented foods have long been known to promote the presence of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Today, many traditional foods from […]

Food and Time by Arabeschi di Latte for Disegno and Gaggenau, London, UK

Food and Time by Arabeschi di Latte for Disegno and Gaggenau, London, UK

Times and tastes change. In Food and Time, Francesca Sarti, co-founder of Italian food design collective Arabeschi di Latte, presents a series of five recipes that each involve the passage of time in the food preparation process. The project highlights the methods by which food transforms from one state to another. In her piece on […]

Tastiest Sea-Meat Seaweed, Hanan Alkouh, UK

Tastiest Sea-Meat Seaweed, Hanan Alkouh, UK

Hanan Alkouh, who recently graduated with a master’s degree in material futures from Central Saint Martins, asks: ‘How do we replicate the culture of meat keeping and meat eating in a post-meat world?’ She speculates on a future where meat is supplanted, yet the vocations of the farmer, slaughterer and butcher remain. Her Sea-Meat Seaweed […]

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

Tea with Kettle by Keren Hu, Beijing, China and London, UK

There is a growing need for new products which assume multiple roles and are designed to work in more than one context. Quiet and compact, the Teawith Kettle, designed by Royal College of Art graduate Keren Hu, fits the bill exactly. Smaller than a standard kettle, with the stylish, minimalist looks of a modern teapot, […]

Soylent Straightforward Packaging by OkFocus, New York, US

Solvent Straightforward packaging

Packaging by OkFocus for Soylent’s nutritionally complete food and drink products uses a sleek, ultra-minimalist design in black and white, with pared-down graphics simply offering the company’s logo, the product name, and its nutritional content. This straightforward approach to design exemplifies consumers’ needs for simple, efficient, seamless products in a world where we are continuously […]

Everytable – Best California Fat, Salt & Chicken, Los Angeles, US

Everytable Best California Fat Salt Chicken, Los Angeles US

Fast food – two F-words which get a bad rap, with many grab-and-go meals high in fat, salt and sugar, and low in quality and wholesomeness. A Californian social enterprise, devoted to bringing healthy, affordable food to low-income communities is, however, reforming the quick service restaurant as we know it. There are no buckets of […]

Which are the top used colors in the food industry?

Top used colors in the food industry

Well as a food blogger, one of the key Design Info that matters to us is the food presentation and coloring. Well along with presentation what excites us the most is the food colors that revitalize the food looks. For instance, if you wish to add some red flowers on a birthday cake, or create […]