What’s the Fashion at Dover Street Market, London, UK?

Dover Street Market London UK (1)

Dover Street Market, one of the world’s most influential fashion, design and retail spaces, has relocated its London store to Haymarket in Piccadilly, and opened with a striking new interior that’s three times the size of the original. While honouring the building’s existing heritage features by leaving them intact, DSM has invited an eclectic mix […]

Rebel, rebel: The Backlash against BLAND

Rebel rebel The Backlash against BLAND

How has this monotony come about? The internet and social media have a lot to answer for. Perhaps you’re thinking about your summer wardrobe. A quick peek at Instagram will show you how everyone else is styling the latest trends to perfection. Those trends have filtered down from the catwalk so bewilderingly fast that you […]

What is the Science behind Athleisure?

What is the Science behind Athleisure

Athleisure – a term not so long ago penned as a fad or a trend has now evolved into THE buzzword of the moment and this is not because of the many cool collabs between brands and designers or artists who have used it to describe products and collections, but because of the intelligence of […]

Redefined Casualwear – Learn from the Best

Redefined Casualwear - Learn from the Best

ReBORN Oversized and re-structured A neutral stripped-bare palette. We imagine a new, hyper-digitalized and advanced world born from the ashes of dystopia. As new Sci-Fi movies like Passengers, Arrival, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets are about to be released, we imagine a game influenced by the new space race. The retro […]

Casual Tonic Youth – Source, Color & Attitude

Casual Tonic Youth - Source, Color & Attitude

SOURCE A new age of sports-inspired fashion championed by designers including Caitlin Price and Ryohei Kawanish of Landlord sees items creatively layered in striking new proportions. Much like the layered, tiled installations of sculptor Phung Tien Phan, clean lines are emphasized by the bold use of colour. COLOUR Punchy levels of green and plastic-like pink […]

Denim Fabric News – Calik, Denim, Prym Italia & Candiani

Denim Fabric News - Calik, Denim, Prym Italia & Candiani

CALIK Calik Denim presented ‘Confluences – when blue meets blue’ as the underlying 2018 message. Product-wise, the Renovated collection of authentic, open-end looking qualities that are reimagined using today’s technologies to improve performance and handle, appeared in two, distinct new colors: Holiday Blue and Dream Blue. Both the Curve and Circular Elastech collections focus on innovation in […]

Denim Fabrics Update Best of Garmon, Kassim, Arvind & Tavex

Denim Fabrics Update Best of Garmon, Kassim, Arvind & Tavex

GARMON At Kingpins, Amsterdam, Garmon launched nimbus-z – part of a range of chemical auxiliaries and dyes specifically developed to be nebulized in closed systems such as washing machines. By working with Tonello Garment Finishing Technologies and the world leading enzyme producer, Novozymes, only negligible levels of airborne enzymes were detected when using nimbus-z – […]

Linen Blends on Elegant Denim Overalls

Linen Blends on Elegant Denim Overalls

Our favorite workwear shape receives a stylish makeover from a number of denim enthusiasts. Linen seems to offer a better contrast with denim. Whether it is a pretty face, a modish leather backpack, or a DB jacket, overalls sit miles apart from their humble beginnings. Linen blends offer a lighter alternative to heavy cotton and appear in rich indigo […]

Culture and People in Margate, UK

The Handsome Freaks crew (clockwise from back left): Evie, 14, sales assistant, Becky, 17, sales assistant, Ally Blackgrove, 29, owner, Rebecca, 18, sales assistant

With ever-increasing house prices pushing ‘creatives’ out of London, seaside towns like Margate (laboriously labeled Shoreditch-on-Sea) in Kent are seeing an influx of Londoners drawn to its plentiful period properties, affordable rent, amazing sea views and sense of freedom. Add a contemporary art gallery into the mix and creative hubs are bound to thrive – and Margate […]

Ka Wa Key – The Disruptive Fashion Designer

Ka Wa Key - The Disruptive Fashion Designer

Ka Wa Key’s menswear fashions confront dichotomies between east and west, and between masculinity and femininity, using innovative handmade fabrics and textiles. Key graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 2015 and hit the ground running with his transgressive designs. He was a finalist in the 2016 H&M Design Award, and his spring/summer 2019 […]