Art, Craft & Culture at Hudson Valley, NY

Art, Craft & Culture at Hudson Valley, NY

Some called it exurban revival and some called it urban-rural confluence. But, however you choose to name it, there is no escaping the fact that a quiet renaissance bringing creative and economic revitalization is on the way up in the Hudson Valley. Creative communities are emerging throughout the Catskills, where local artisans draw inspiration from old traditions […]

Culture and People in Margate, UK

The Handsome Freaks crew (clockwise from back left): Evie, 14, sales assistant, Becky, 17, sales assistant, Ally Blackgrove, 29, owner, Rebecca, 18, sales assistant

With ever-increasing house prices pushing ‘creatives’ out of London, seaside towns like Margate (laboriously labeled Shoreditch-on-Sea) in Kent are seeing an influx of Londoners drawn to its plentiful period properties, affordable rent, amazing sea views and sense of freedom. Add a contemporary art gallery into the mix and creative hubs are bound to thrive – and Margate […]

Above Sea Level – Best Wine Culture in London?

Above Sea Level - Best Wine Culture in London

Craft beer or barrel-aged cocktails might be the default tipples of choice in any hip bar, but journalist Aimee Hartley is working to change that. Above Sea Level, a new wine and culture magazine founded by Hartley, is redefining wine, making it more accessible to a younger generation who can find the drink intimidating. With […]

Learn about Colors in the life of Textile Design Studios

Colors in the life of Textile Design Studios

Colours are the most important and essential parts of any design. Colour plays a significant role in people’s way of leaving. Even after the birth of a child boys received blue or green colours dress whereas girls received the pink dress. So while choosing a colour for Pantone Formula Guide with Solid Coated Colours the designer must keep it mind that colours not only depicts only outside texture it also […]