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Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X

The world of Gaming consoles is quite an interesting place to be in. And one of the
best consoles if not the best, is the Xbox from Microsoft.
The two consoles: The Series X and the Series S were released in 2020 but they are
still specced-out to handle any and all games you throw at them even in 2023.
This is a comprehensive review of each, guiding you about which one is the better
choice suited to your needs.
The Xbox Series S is closer to the price of the PS5 while the Series X is a
powerhouse resembling a true PC in both dimensions as well as price.

There is no doubt about it, the Series X was built to be a beast in this
department. With a Custom Zen 2, 8-core, 3.8 GHz Processor, AMD RDNA 2
with 12 teraflops, 1.8 GHz GPU, 16 GB Ram and 1TB Storage along with
maximum compatibility with an 8K 120fps display. This is truly a marvellous
device which can load games extremely fast, give you the smoothest gameplay
ever, and beats the Series S in every sense of comparison when it purely comes
to performance.
The Series S has a Custom Zen 2, 8-core, 3.8 GHz Processor, AMD RDNA 2
with 4 teraflops, 1,6 GHz GPU, 10 GB Ram and 512 GB storage with maximum
compatibility with 1440p 120 fps displays. This spec sheet is no joke either, as it
allows 4K upscaling and great HDR features.
One key difference here is that the Series S is a purely digital console, which
means any physical media won’t work with this console. So if you are someone
who owns a lot of these and does wish to use them, then the Series X is simply
the way to go.

Design and dimensions:
The Xbox Series X is a majestic Monolith which towers over the Series S. It
measures 11.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and weighs 4.4 Kg, while the Series S
measures 10.8 x 5.9 x 2.6 inches and weighs 1.9 Kg. There is no denying that
the Series X is huge and will either look amazing or straight up be an obstacle.
The Series S is a sleek and compact machine that is easy to set up and fits
almost every entertainment center.
While the Series X is a show stealer, the Series S can be a perfect secondary
Xbox Series S vs Xbox Series X 2
console. On top of that, most Xbox Series X/S games are also available on PC
which makes it a really convenient choice of console.
Controllers, Game Library, Backward Compatibility
The real reason these categories are clubbed together is that both the consoles
actually use the same sets.
Both the Series X/S use the same Xbox wireless controller with better
ergonomics and reduced latency.
They even have the same interface and library of games.

If you are someone who owned an Xbox in the past or still own one now, and are
wondering if your games could also run in these, then the answer for most
games is a resounding yes. The only difference that comes up is that the Series
X is capable of upscaling the games from earlier devices up to 4K while the
Series S can do so up to 1440p. Which is actually quite powerful in itself.
Both devices also support the unique Xbox only feature of Quick Resume, where
you can continue the game right where you left off.
Overall, if you own a hefty display and want to do justice to its power, or if you
prioritise gaming, performance, storage and quality then the more expensive Xbox
Series X is the answer.
Now, if you are someone who either wants an affordable console or just a device
which is truly flagship in almost every way that is also compact enough to fit your
aesthetics then the Series S is the right companion for your times of entertainment.

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