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X-Rite i1 Family

Color professionals and imaging professionals know that calibrated monitors and profiled devices and systems are a critical and essential part of a successful, efficient, creative workflow. What you capture on your camera; see on your monitor, projector or mobile device; view on your proofs, prints, and presses; or share online has to match or you will never be happy with the result. Rely on the X-Rite family of i1 color management solutions for the highest level of color accuracy in the industry. Design INfo is the official dealer for X-Rite products in India and will provide the highest level of support for X-Rite i1 products.

X-Rite i1Display Pro EODIS3 [2019 Edition]
Rs 18,769.73
Rs 20,855.25 -10%
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The i1Display Pro is the ultimate choice for discerning photographers, designers, and imaging professionals looking for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy for displays, laptops, and projectors. Two user modes provide serious color perfectionists with the ideal balance of unrivaled color precision, speed, options, and controls to fit any workflow.
X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2 EO2BAS
Rs 106,407.00
Rs 118,230.00 -10%
Tax included
Same Day Delivery Possible
The new standard of perfection for Color Perfectionists looking for an affordable, professional-level spectral color measurement solution. You can quickly and easily create custom monitor and projector profiles that ensure the colors you view are true, verify soft proofs and print quality with built-in Quality Assurance (QA) tools, and easily capture and manage spot colors.
X-Rite i1Photo Pro 2 EO2PHO
Rs 111,609.23
Rs 124,010.25 -10%
Tax included
Same Day Delivery Possible
Professional Color Management for Photographers i1Photo Pro 2 offers the most accurate and consistent color calibration and profiling from capture to view to print. i1Photo Pro 2 combines world-class hardware and software to deliver the ultimate professional level color management for photo pros.