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Style Right (Womenswear) Trendbook S/S Latest incl. DVD
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STYLE RIGHT Womenwear Trend book is a series of extensively illustrated forecast publications for different garment ranges. The STYLE RIGHT Women's Trend Book is dedicated to designers in the field of women`s wear. On 112 full-colour pages you will find everything necessary for successful, market-driven and fashionable women`s wear collections The best designs for women textiles and fashions all compiled in a single trend book with a DVD and all the logos and graphics in the book with beautiful prints all in vector layers so that you can easily edit.
Style Right Sports Active Wear Trend Book S/S Latest incl.DVD
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The Style Right team proudly present their 10th edition of the increasingly popular Style Right Sports Active for Spring Summer. For this season we have researched extensively, collating a broad selection of inspiration from a wide range of Summer sports. We have considered the utilization of indoor and outdoor environments during this season, extracting their attributing lifestyles and values relevant to all sports enthusiasts and serious athletes. Sports & Active wear trend and concept book is dedicated to designers and product developers working in the field of fashion, sports equipment and sports devices as well as product graphics and packaging.

So much have the womenswear designers struggled to find the right trends for the future demand and market conditions for womenswear apparel designing. Design Info now gives you that solution right at your doorstep. The womenswear trend books on colour style and fashion will now make the life of womenswear fashion designers simple by getting all the trends compiled in the trend books which are accompanied with a DVD so that all the trends and womenswear colours forecast can be rightly manufactured. Styling for women which plays an important role for any brands can be found in the trendsetting books on colours and style such as the A + A womenswearTrend books.

New concepts & fashion trends for women, such as "see now, buy now", determine the big question in which direction fashion and marketing will head in future. The fact that we all have too much and are in a phase of rethinking hits of course an industry whose characteristic feature is change. Even fast-fashion for womenswear trends on color and style, which has prevailed among major luxury suppliers, can not maintained at this rate, This summer season designers seem to have an appeal for quality, longevity and courage. We do not feel the pressure to have to be exceedingly commercial, on the contrary, creativity, colour, cross-dressing and offbeat new solutions influence the picture Newly interpreted classics set the stage offering themes such as WEEKENDER showing a luxury inspired casual and maritime style, WILDLIFE presents itself in new safari and ethnic styles and women's trend books WORLD, despite all nostalgia, matures into extravagant and very colourful The cool street style, rediscovered in the winter season. continues with PRE-MILLENNIUM and culminates this summer in numerous athletic and soft sport styles. FASTLANE shows that this can also be extremely fashionable and significant
A no less exalted counterpart forms the theme HIGHGROVE. Providing a contemporary interpre
tation of luxury and occasion clothing from the long and highly evoked understatement, to a modern, decorated look, which is not too sand thus makes a charming and amusing statement!

Preppy, smart and young is this casual leisure topic.
thrives from sporty influences, maritime inspirations and puristic basic silhouette. Body-tight, athletic looking jersey dresses juxtapose with comfortable blousons and trench shapes. Suits have a casual fit, often with cropped trousers. Knits look young and fresh with maritime motifs, stripes or statement fonts. Experimental blouse solutions, such as cut-outs, crimping and string closures, adorn the soft asymmetrically pieces. The accessories underline the casual look. Cross sandals, carry-all bags and sportive sun-visors give a relaxed character.

This cheerful and fresh range of colours in the women's trend forecast books gets us in the mood for summer! New green tones form the basis for this smart, but casual theme is picking up new trends for women. An intense emerald green and pastel mint face a bold orange. Colour trends are best depicted in trend books. The Accents are soothed and enhanced by matching a fresh hard white and creamy, light nougat tone. This Creates interesting combinations that move between clean and sporty and even brings out romantic looks using appropriate designs.