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Show Details Women Magazine - Paris is a new and innovative concept for fashion collection magazines displaying the catwalks in a focused way by highlighting the key details of the season’s major designers. Every important stylist is represented by featuring the best designs from their show rather than each collection in full. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 04/12 The silhouettes in the Show details Magazine chosen are photographed in their entirety with a small vignette, spotlighting the details at the top of the page. One picture follows the next, appearing as though on a catwalk giving the viewer the feeling of actually attending the show. There is an enlarged close-up below of the garments chosen targeting the element(s) that make that outfit noteworthy.
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Show details Milano Magazine has design house concepts which may have as few as 20 photos or as many as 80 examples representing what is “hot” this season. Included are several pages of editorials discussing the key issues text in English and Italian.  Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 03/11 In addition Showdetails magazine has pages that highlight great buttons, applications, embroideries, lacework, textiles & findings that make the season unique and special. All are presented in an extra large format with beautiful full color photography.
COLLEZIONI DONNA prêt-à-porter (Woman) Magazine Subscription A/W & S/S
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Collezioni Donna Magazine for women trends forecast has been one the best sellers. A comprehensive and complete report on the fashion weeks in Milan and New York, exploring all the innovations of upcoming Winter 2017. Collezioni Donna has the latest Trends on Women fashion. Issue frequency: 4 issues per yearMonths of publication: 03/04/10/11 You may subscribe from the latest issue of Collezioni Donna or begin from the latest edition.