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ARS Arpel Sketchbook Bag Sketches Magazine Subscription
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ARPEL Sketchbook is dedicated exclusively to handbags design and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Each season ARPEL, in collaboration with ARSUTORIA School, presents its trend forecasting analysis published in ARSUTORIA Trend Guide and focused on bags industry: four themes described with colours, materials and shapes. They are published in November for SS and in April for AW. Magazine Subscription will always begin from the latest Edition Each subscription includes: 2 paper magazines / Year FedEx shipment access to digital magazines available online through arsarpel. com access to “Ars Magazines 2.0” for iOS and Android – digital magazines available offline on your mobile/tablet
ARS Sutoria Shoe Trends Magazine Subscription
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Arsutoria Magazine provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology. Each shoes magazine issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report. Fashion reports are Arsutoria Magazines core business: Fashion reports are also available online in HD: Arsutoria reader can access online to the extra contents. ARSUTORIA Magazines subscription include access to digital version, via web and through tablet and mobile app. Subscription always begins from latest Edition.
Arsutoria Footwear Technical Dictionary Magazine Subscription
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Description The Footwear Technical Dictionary has more than 1000 terms translated in five languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The Italian and the English sections, besides the translations of each term into the other four languages appearing in the relative secondary columns, provide its synthetic but exhaustive definition, respectively in Italian and in English. The dictionary, in its Italian and English sections, is also provided with numerous illustrations constituting a helpful, sometimes indispensable, complement to the definitions.  
ARS Fur Magazine Subscription | Overcoats & Jackets
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Fur magazine offer you a complete information on fur garments, reporting the latest trends in the industry. Our core business are fashion reports, analyzing trends on fur and leather garments from latest collections from international fashion shows and trade fairs. Published three times per year, Fur magazine gives your company a 360° overview on fur fashion business:
Arsutoria Trend Guide | Shoes & Bags | Subscription
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The ARSUTORIA Trends Guide is specifically developed for designers and merchandisers who have to create collections in the field of shoes & bags. The typical workflow of a company has to deal not only with creativity and trends but also with marketing, merchandising and technical development. Thanks to the connection between the publishing house and the ARSUTORIA School we are in the conditions to offer a unique tool. Each season, 18 months in advance December & May
ARSTRENDS Website Shoes Subscription
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ArsTrends Shoe Access Subscription Full access to the SHOES and MATERIALS sections of ArsTrends.Weekly uploads of photos from collections from trade fairs catwalks from New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks retail windows from most important world fashion capitols exclusive sketches by Arsutoria Designers original prototypes for upcoming seasons
Collezioni Accessori (Accessories Magazine) Women Subscription A/W & S/S
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The most famous catwalks of Paris, New York, London and Milan organised monographs show the greatest designers and the best highlights on accessories for Autumn / Winter 2016-17 load of novelty. Inevitable trends divided into numerous Focus On that thanks to the styles and the different approaches provides a complete overview of what lies ahead for the next cold season in the Collezioni Accessori Magazine for Women. Months of publication: 02/04/08/11 The most important news for the season is presented through the Fashion display with the latest collections of some well-known brand. The number ends with the Review of some of the most important trade fairs.
Next Look Fashion Trends Styles & Accessories Trendbook
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Latest Edition trend book for Styling & Accessories Forecast available. Next Look Styles & Accessories Trend Book for professionals provides a selective analysis of the just finished Designer Shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, compiled according to future-minded design criteria. The focus in this Fashion Trendbook is on a complex appreciation of fashion. Not only colors, materials, surfaces, patterns, silhouettes, and styling are covered in the A/W edition but also all the other components which make up a fashionable expression: All clothing ranges as well as accessories like bags, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, caps and much more. Now Available in India: Official Distributor The extensive survey of design ideas in Next Look Trend Book for Syles & Accessories for A/W leads into a summary of the most important fashion aspects, the must have Design Book for Styling of the upcoming seasons.
PreCollections Woman Shoes & Bags
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PreCollections woman shoes is a unique new series giving insights into the pre-collections of the best international brands. Twice a year, fashion designers produce pre-collections, which are presented only to their main buyers. These pre-collections woman shoes magazine are starting an interesting insight of what is actually sold at retail in the coming season. This information was previously reserved only for a selected group of customers in the showrooms.
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A magazine for professionals: BOX Accessories Shoes, bags, fashion jewellery and stylish details are often distinctive accents of trendy fashion design are present in the latest Show Details Box Accessories Magazine. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 04/11 BOX Accessories proofs to be a professional help and orientation featuring an enormous number of inspiring ideas for the creation of accessory collections and fashionable outfits. The new trade magazine BOX Accessories provides a selection of the most interesting and trendsetting accessories from the international designer shows and presents them on all in all 288 pages with hundreds of significant colour photos, organized according to product types and design themes.

This Spring / Summer & Autmun / Winter season sees an atmosphere common to all four trend proposals for Shoes Magazines for Women: the concept of sustainable development, the promotion of policies to safeguard the environment and how wecan manage resources to preserve them for future generations.          

We rethink how we live. We rediscover ourselves, with other citizens, with other identities in a multi-faceted era, Memory is a binding force, a component that evokes the past, always linked to the care and conservation of the environment, yet from an urban viewpoint. Individuals need a slice of pastoral lifestyle in their life and home Romantic and sensitive nuances of metropolitan  nature, both light and feminine, in shades of light combined with warms shades of peach Neutral and sophisticated hues. Raw and sandy off whites with fresh, washed colors. Womenswear Shoes & Footwear Magazines & Womenswear Shoes Fashion Forecast Magazines are now trending for the latest season. Womenswear Shoes Trends books for the latest S/S & A/W season have helped analyze the latest trends for woman shoes. Leather tones take on a touch of pink. Coral, pale mustard, turquoise green and blue are important shades Importance of oranges and neon pinks with a sporty instinct, fresh and bright tones framed in adigital atmosphere of vivid colors Warm yellows and acid touches live together side by sade this season.

The colors of the Caribbean seas and tropical forests accentuate the pink of exotic florals and green of vegetation Strong color ranges, with urban ethnic connotations Denp greens tend towards navy blue shades of brown tend towards gray for more relaxed Caribbean harmonies with blue A minimal, mysterious and romantic color palette with metallic and rock tones of blue tending towards gray, pinky beige and intermune garnet combined with white shades in an urban environment. Anylyze & shop for the best Womens Shoes Magazines with Styling & Designs