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Which memory card should you buy for your GoPro?

You booked a trip and planned the travel itinerary. You also decided all the adventures you shall embark upon. You even decided to capture all these glorious moments and bought yourself the perfect GoPro bundle for your needs! Now you are at the final crossroads of deciding which memory card to get. Which memory card will work best with your device, so as to not cause any lack in performance or any issues with memory speed as well. To find the perfect SD card for your GoPro, you don’t need to do extensive mind-numbing research, this blog is all you need to stop worrying and just order the right SD card. The first thing that you need to understand is the minimum requirement of the MicroSD card for your GoPro. The GoPro Hero 11 and GoPro Hero 10 lineup requires a minimum of v30 or UHS-3 rating on its SD card to keep up with its high bitrate of 120mbps and shooting 10-bit colour support. As for the Hero 9 and most models before that, they require a minimum of Class 10 or UHS-1 rating. Here V30 refers to the writing speed of the card which is 30/Mbps which is the minimum requirement. As for UHS-1, that means 10/Mbps.
Now that you know the compatible specs of the SD card for your device, we can move on to your options and select the best one. In the SD card market, there are a few brands which are best suited for the GoPro, which are: SanDisk, Lexar and Prograde

SanDisk ExtremePro(128gb / 256gb / 512 gb)
The leader in this market, SanDisk SD cards are reliable, consistent with their performance and always come through with your expectations. The maximum storage capacity of the Hero 11 goes up to 2TB, the Hero 10 up to 512 GB, And the Hero 9 and onwards at about 256 GB. SanDisk Extreme Pro cards are absolutely perfect for any model of GoPro that you own. These are the same cards that are bundled and sold by GoPro themselves, so rest assured, with SanDisk you’re in safe terrain.

SanDisk Extreme A2(128gb / 256gb / 512 gb / 1 tb)
Another compatible and amazingly working series of MicroSD cards with the GoPro series. These are also powerful V30 chips, and will give you exactly the performance you expect.

SanDisk Extreme Plus(128 gb / 256 gb)
Any version of the Extreme line-up works well with the GoPro. Including the ‘Extreme Plus’.

Lexar Professional (128 gb /256 gb)
Lexar is also a reliable and trusted brand. The storage limits for the model that you own are given prior. For Lexar SD cards, V30 is provided in the professional series. Any microSD cards among these will give you a perfect performance and trustworthy memory.

ProGrade Digital(128 gb / 256 gb)
Another elite brand for SD cards. All microSD cards sold by ProGrade Digital at V60 will work well with the GoPro Hero series.

In conclusion, You can trust these 3 brands and buy their microSD cards for your GoPro. One thing to keep in mind is, both the GoPro Hero 10 and Hero 11, have gigantic memory capacities, but for most users, 256 GB is more than enough to record and capture a lot of footage. Both cameras work best and are most efficient with manageable 256 GB MicroSD cards. You could push it up to an impressive 512 GB with the Hero 11 and get an amazingly smooth experience still.

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