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Indigo Prints and Artwork Design 1978
Rs 3,400
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Licensed Artwork with world copyrights certificate, Registration on your company name. Format: Vector PSD Layered Files in 2657 x 5315 Pixels & 150 PPI. Elements can be easily separated by even a non-designer in photoshop. User-Friendly and several layers so that colour, size and look can be modified in minutes to reproduce and print on Textile, Paper, Fur, Matress, Jute, leather, etc. Support for 1 week included. File link will be sent by Design Studio in 24 hours to your email ID. Payment will be kept on hold with Design Info until you confirm the files have been received. If you have slow internet connection and want DVD to be sent to your address, contact us Compatible with all versions of PSD. Sold Only Once, Fresh Concepts, Original Artwork.
Manfrotto 5/8inche Survey Adapter and Plate, 324
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Key Features Replaces #3299 Make tripods compatible w/ standard system of measuring industry Bottom: a 5/8'' bushing with a 3/8'' female attachment Top: a removable plate with a 5/8'' male thread Made of aluminium
Manfrotto Leveling Center Column for Select 055 Series Tripods, 055LC
Rs 19,028
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Key Features 50mm Half Ball Aluminum Construction 3/8"-16 Mounting Thread Allows quick levelling of photo or video heads  Levelling half ball at the top of the tripod’s centre column Top plate angle independent from the rest of the tripod 3/8'' male screw for attachment to a photo or video head Built-in bubble spirit level

Using a tripod can completely change the kind of output you can get. From shaky, blurry images and footages to clear pictures with precision. You can mount your camera in one go and use it however you like. Although, even when it comes to a tripod, buying accessories to compliment them would just make your shooting experience that much better. 

For digital photography and videography, tripod and monopod accessories, are a must for someone who is heavily into this field. The accessories that you invest in would tend to be durable so that they can be used over a long period of time. When it comes to tripod accessories, people don’t really think it is important to buy them but in reality, they make your shoot much easier. 

Having a monopod dolly or tripod pouches can really change the way your output is seen. Following are a few accessories that you can buy to aid your photography process:

Tripod Heads

A tripod head is what goes on top of your tripod legs on which you can mount your camera. These heads are also detachable and can come in different styles. Pistol grip, pan and tilt, Ball, and Gimbal head are some examples of the different types of tripod heads available. Each has its own unique function which you can use according to your own needs. 

Tripod Shoulder Straps

Tripod straps are for the traveler in you. If you are constantly on the go, then you want accessories that are easily portable. These shoulder straps make your work very simple by providing you with extra cushioning for comfort and mainly being light-weight. The width of these straps distributes the weight so that it is not pressing down on only one part. These are the factors that make it a worthwhile purchase. 

Tripod Bags & Cases

Another accessory to make the transport of your equipment easier is a tripod case and bags. Not only does it ensure that your tool is kept safe but helps you carry it from one location to another with ease. These tripod bags and cases can accommodate the weight while making sure it can be as comfortable as possible. 

You can choose to get a bag with only one shoulder strap so that you can wear it in a cross-body style. This will give your hands complete freedom to move. With a wide range of bags and cases available, you can choose one that is perfect for your needs. 

L Brackets

An L bracket is used to mount your camera either horizontally or vertically. By screwing into a 1/4 inch threaded hole on the bottom of your camera, you can then mount onto your tripod, this is a solid way to ensure security for your gears. Although most L brackets are universally compliant, before you purchase, make sure it is compatible with your equipment.