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Time Travel Paradise & Footwear Museum Collection

CIAO 1980-1983 Shoes

You might have noticed that some shoes on the previous pages are not recent at all; but, it is also possible that, without studying the captions, you may not have. We decided to put some of the 11,000 shoes of SLEM’s Footwear Museum collection in the mix to show how historic innovation is indistinguishable from current design. On this spread, we are even using our historic collection to provide inspiration for those of you thinking further ahead to the next winter season. These shoes all tie in with the themes presented on the previous pages, but show different kinds of construction. Some could be reissued as is, whilst others could be made up-to-date with only minor tweaks. We are currently working on making this amazing collection available for inspiration and research to third parties.

Long Silver Effect Boots
Long Silver Effect Boots

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