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The Makers Online Resource Fashion Journal

Makery online media platform

The Makery online media platform investigates the maker movement, its approach to technology, the values driving it, and the emerging opportunities brought by the mushrooming of independent labs dedicated to digital fabrication, biohacking and collaborative tinkering all over the world. ‘It all began with the DIY and open-source movement, but then evolved in to Doing It Ourselves – DIO,’ explains founder Anne- Cécile Worms, who launched Makery in 2014.

‘This has created new ways for people to make prototypes themselves, and not be dependent on the R&D departments of big corporations.’ By closely following the rise of new practices, processes and tools, Worms found that these independent laboratories are ‘new places for creativity, between art and science.’ What fascinates the founder of Makery is the useful inventions, created and shared by makers, that have the potential to change the world. ‘A lot of stuff has been created by makers to solve environmental issues,’ she observes. ‘In India, a group of small entrepreneurs invented an ink made of recycled air pollution.’ Makery funds its team of journalists around the world by providing services to big corporations, such as workshops on prototyping, or consultancy on how to create an in-house maker lab.

The Makers New Publishing Media Group
The Makers New Publishing Media Group

‘All companies should open a corporate lab,’ says Worms. ‘This is a place where every employee can be at the same level, engage with others in creative ways, freely experiment new ideas and not be afraid of new technologies. HR departments are always trying to do team-building activities, ice-breaking events, and bring people together. The maker lab can become the first place to do all these kind of activities.’ Future Makery plans include a series of international maker events that will take place in France and a MOOC course defining the key skills a Fab Lab manager needs. There will also be a shift from being a media for makers to also becoming a media-maker with the set-up of a media lab where journalists from traditional editorial backgrounds can discover new publication techniques such as using digital tools and data visualisation software.

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