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The most comprehensive preview of raw materials plus all the major textiles fairs. Up and coming trends in yarns, fabrics and accessories grouped together and then described separately with current trends under the headings of colors, yarns, wools, fabrics, prints and profiles. Issue frequency: 4 issues per yearMonths of publication: 02/05/09/12 The main focus in Collezioni Trends Magazine is on the women’s, men’s, children’s and sports-casual wear markets. New trends are presented in an inspirational and tangible way, combining fascinating images with the most innovative products on the market. Catwalk and showroom reportages from around the world confirm the direction fashion is taking. The coming season’s trends are described six months in advance of the fashion shows in Collezioni Trends Magazine after extensive research carried out by expert textile consultants. 
Browse the magazines and catalogues that present colors and textiles on a monthyl basis. Publications of View Textile bring inspiration in colors and trends in a different approach making it much more commercial to accept these color trends.