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The Textile View Edition Magazine has trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colours, materials, view design and styling for women's wear, menswear and young fashion, including street and retail reports,reports on merchandising and textiles, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends & this Magazine, can now be subscribed in India.
Subscription (4 ISSUES) always begins from the latest Edition
Textile View Magazine book has bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, Colour and design trends for yarns. Shop for the Textile View Subscription Now.
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.42
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.42Imagine a future where the culture around consumption had evolved so far that responsibly manufactured products were the norm rather than the exception – a future of guilt-free living.

In Viewpoint #42, the Guilt-Free edition, we explore how that future could become reality. A groundswell of popular horror at the ravaging of the planet, both in environmental and human terms, has become a potent force. We don’t want to sacrifice our oceans for a new drinking bottle every day or a microbeaded facial scrub – nor do we want to find ourselves eating our own rubbish when that plastic finds its way back into the food chain. We don’t want a throwaway £10 dress if it was made using modern-day slavery.
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Pantone View Colour Planner S/S & A/W (Color Forecast Trend Book)
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Pantone View Color Planner Spring Summer Edition and Autumn Winter Editions Color Forecast Trend Books are one of the most import sources of Color Trends.

Internationally established and successful colour forecast featuring reliable and market-ready trend themes
Early publishing date: available 18 months ahead of the season
Comprehensive imagery with inspirations for moods, materials, structures and patterns
8 colour themes are included in the Pantone View Colour Planner consisting of more than 50 colours in total and providing proposals for typical fields of application and colour combinations

Pantone View Color Planner is all about Color Stories,  Merging Memories and Dreams The PANTONEVIEW color Planner Autumn/Winter & Spring Summer fashion color trend forecast offers seasonal inspiration, key color directives, urged color harmonies and material and merchandise application across men’s, women’s, active wear, color cosmetics, interior, and industrial style. Defining what we are doing, thinking, planning, and feeling, the concept of time is an integral part of our lives. The color palettes capture the many facets of time; the fast and furious, the slow and simple, the past and future. Crossing the now towards more futuristic expression, colors range from classic arrangements through to fully saturated, punchy narratives. In a balance between the familiar and the strange, the dark and the light, conventional color stories reinterpreted into adventurous scenarios lead us to newer and more unique color expressions.
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View 2 Magazine Subscription (A/W & S/S)
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View 2 Magazine is created by the publishers of Textile View magazine but with a younger, more hip perspective focused on casual sportswear and denim lifestye for Men, Women and Children. There are articles dedicated to various cities that show the latest updates, pinpoint important retail brands plus features covering the hottest bar, restaurant and latest store openings. View 2‘s Magazine articles included style on the street, in the shops and on the catwalks highlighting lifestyle issues and attitudes plus current and future fashion trends. In addition, there is information about color, fabrics, denim washes, new technologies & materials, sketches, graphics and lots of photos. Contributors are industry professionals with lots of experience in some of the biggest design houses. They offer their expertise on subjects from textiles, fabrics, trims and accessories to key fashion items. View 2 magazine is targeted to help manufacturers and retailers to design, create and manufacture the right products to sell to the urban sportswear and denim markets.
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View No. 101 - 25th Anniversary special Silver issue ltd edition
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25 years; a celebration issue of Textile View Magazine 25 years of fabrics and fashion 19882013 The next 25 years - a horoscope Plus our usual, top level insights into summer and  winter 
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.41
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.41If you were to ask the design imperative of the moment, the answer would be ‘colour’; but a very close second would come touch and handle! Wherever we look, we see tweed, slub, granular, crêpe, 3D, sculpted, blister, cloqué, raised surfaces… This is not just because of design aesthetics but also our growing need for ‘humancentric’ behavior.
With Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the rise, consumers are responding in two ways: some embrace it as a way to create time, boost productivity and even manage mood; other reject it preferring the fundamentally human characteristics of community, embracing the down-to-earth, the analogue and each other. We are busy right now considering what it means to be human – how we live in our own skin and celebrate our differences.
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.40
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.40
If you thought urban life was already stressful, crowded and unremitting, then get ready for even more complex city futures. Fifty years ago, less than a third of the world’s population lived in cities: in fifty years time, that figure will have more than doubled to 70 percent as changing agricultural patterns force rural dwellers into urban migration.
The challenges and issues facing governments and urban planners are exponential – future energy and food sources; environmental and health systems; sustainability issues; transport mechanics for people, goods and data; housing and renewable building materials; a new welfare capitalism; and complete connectivity… to name a few!
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.39
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.39
In Viewpoint #37 we explored Rebellion and the current thirst for dissent. In Viewpoint #38 we looked at the grassroots power that comes when people Think Small. Morality, Viewpoint #39’s Big Idea, ties in with both. The subversion of the bland, over-curated status quo is important, and the ‘small revolution’ is gaining traction – but an underlying morality needs to be the foundation of both, and principles are an issue that cannot be ignored.
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.38
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.38Think Small
Political commentators, designers, and thinkers are heralding a future in which globalization is reversed, shifting the focus from global to local; and power of the few to the power of the people. From the increasing number of people choosing to set up their own small business rather than work for a giant corporation, to the burgeoning numbers of households committing to a more self-sufficient way of living, this is the up-rising of small against big. Issue 38 of Viewpoint Design explores the rise of the ‘Small Revolution’.
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.37
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Viewpoint Design Magazine No.37‘Rebellion’
We are living in a state of saturation – we have too much stuff, we are excessively informed and are brought up to conform. Even our exposure to ‘good’ design has landed us in an aesthetic landscape that is diluted and distinctly grey. However, it’s now time to challenge the status quo, to celebrate ‘realness’ and ‘difference’ and indeed having an opinion. Expect to see the rise of disruptor brands that are not afraid to challenge or conform and how good taste is being replaced with a rebellious anarchic mood.
Rebellion: the key messages

Be bold and subversive: people are thirsty for honesty and clear opinion

Authenticity is not just about pulling out a brand’s narrative and heritage – an authentic voice can still be subversive

Don’t over-curate; in an age where so much is easy and accessible, don’t deprive consumers of the joy of discovery, or of a rewarding challenge

Use social media to celebrate ‘warts and all’ rather than a perfected brand façade

Recognise and offer cultural and regional differences to sidestep global homogenised blandness

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Viewpoint Colour no. 09 Spirit of Nature latest issue
Created by View Publications in collaboration with FranklinTill Associates, Viewpoint Colour is a unique magazine devoted to colour. Catering to all colour conscious industries, VIEWPOINT COLOUR provides visual inspiration,
direction and a global perspective on colour from the world's leading colour experts. It is a sister magazine and the perfect complement to our highly successful, VIEWPOINT DESIGN*, dedicated to product innovation.
It's All About Colour!
Colour is the single most powerful communication tool, influencing 50% - 85% of ideas and product purchase decisions. With 80% of human experience filtered through the eyes, visual cues are vital in getting a message across.
Nothing does this better than the thoughtful use of colour. Pivotal in the design process and an essential element to a successful design strategy, colour should be considered from the moment the materials
are being developed and should be a conscious part of every level of decision making from the raw materials that go into the product to the packaging it leaves the store in.
VIEWPOINT COLOUR and your colour strategy.
We understand the costs and the complexity of colour decisions and we want to make your colour planning easier. Our goal is to supply you with the critical and actionable colour intelligence you need so you can make more effective colour decisions.
With a focus on what's really important, VIEWPOINT COLOUR will give you both a macro and local view on key colour stories, focusing on what's happening right now as well as what will be taking place three years from now.
It's visual and inspirational!
Explore and experience the work of major photographers, designers and global colour experts.
VIEWPOINT COLOUR is an aesthetically provocative, culturally relevant magazine focusing on the world of color across all product and design industries on a global basis.
It's informative and educational!
Turn our visual inspiration into your ideas. At VIEWPOINT COLOUR, we provide you with clear and comprehensive colour direction, market validation, insights and analysis and the psychology behind a colour trend so that
we can make your colour planning easier.
• Colour News & Innovation
• The Design Context
• Colour Forecast (12-18 month)
• Colour Implementation
• Visual Essay images and photographs
• Colour, Material, Finish
• Colour & Pattern Inspiration
• Colour Meanings
• Colour Future (3 years ahead)
VIEWPOINT COLOUR is a sister publication of the highly successful magazine, VIEWPOINT DESIGN.
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Next Look Color Usage S/S & A/W
Next Look Colour Usage extends the Next Look range with detailed, seasonal colour information. Based on the themes of Menswear and Womenswear Styling titles the most important color ranges of the season are represented in compact, well-arranged and thorough form on 156 pages in the Next Look Color Usage Trendbook.
Each of the 18 themes contains 8-10 single colours. These are divided into different harmonies and are completed by numerous suggestions on accentuations and indications on the usage for different product categories. At the same time, these are adjusted to the material and styling highlights of the international catwalk shows.
Next Look Colour Usage extends the Next Look range with detailed, seasonal colour information.
Based on the themes of Menswear Styling service the most important color ranges of the season are represented in compact, well-arranged and thorough form.
Each of the 6 themes contains 8-10 single colours. These are divided into different harmonies and are completed by numerous suggestions on accentuations and indications on the usage for different product categories.
At the same time, these are adjusted to the material and styling highlights of the international catwalk shows.
Besides, corresponding to each theme there are displayed 3-4 must have colours which are illustrated by a key look, respectively by a styling recommendation.
• Deep and detailed colour analysis for Menswear
• Colour harmonies - Combos
• Fabric highlights
• Style directions
• Must-haves and key Colours
• Information and inspiration for textiles, fashion and all design related industries.
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