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SpyderChecker | Create Camera Profiles | Camera Calibration Accessories

  1. SpyderCHECKR – 48 spectrally engineered color patches in a rigid portable case with tripod mount.
  2. SpyderCHECKR 24 – 24 of the most common spectrally engineered color patches in a portable vinyl sleeve.
  3. SpyderCHECKR Replacement Card – Replacement color cards for the SpyderCHECKR.

Camera Color Correction for Photo and Video
The Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24 target offers the accuracy of full size, spectrally designed pigment patches, in a thin, portable, affordable color target designed for both still and motion imaging. SpyderCHECKR 24’s gray face provides in-camera and post-process white balance and exposure adjustment, while the color face allows you to color correct your capture automatically in Adobe® Photoshop® ACR, Adobe Lightroom®, Hasselblad® Phocus, and Blackmagic® DaVinci Resolve.

If you do not have a target, I suggest you invest and buy the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR system. Probably the biggest advantage of the system is that camera calibration is not limited to Raw files, but can be applied to Jpegs, and very importantly, to video! For this reason alone, it would be highly recommended for photographers moving into video. –Lee Varis Renowned Hollywood Photographer

SpyderCHECKR, camera calibration tools

The SpyderCHECKR 24 is a highly portable, easy to use tool for creating very accurate camera calibrations. Nothing could be simpler than incorporating calibration results into your newly opened images in Lightroom or Photoshop. Once your calibration is complete, it merges painlessly into your workflow. It does not require special effort, improving your results on the fly.–David Saffir Pro Photographer, Photo Educator, Author

  • Affordable: Professional pigment-formulated color and gray target, at an affordable price.
  • Portable: SpyderCHECKR 24 ships in a thin, durable plastic slipcover, to fit easily in your equipment bag.
  • Professional: SpyderCHECK 24 offers full size, spectrally formulated pigment patches, and highly accurate HSL correction software.
  • Easy to use: SpyderCHECKR 24 provides easyto-use software, which automatically rotates the target from any of the four possible orientations.
Digital imaging and color management processes

Digital imaging and color management processes are evolving and becoming more streamlined. Datacolor continues its tradition of creating and supporting photographer and videographer-oriented products, leveraging its expertise in color workflow and technology to help customers express their vision, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. SpyderCHECKR™ provides a fast, reliable method of color calibrating camera, lens, and sensor combinations. It also facilitates harmonizing color between different cameras. It allows photographers to obtain more consistent, accurate color within their normal post-production workflow in Lightroom™, Photoshop™ and Hasselblad Phocus™.

It is quite useful in videography, and has been integrated into workflow in applications like Davinci Resolve 11+. The SpyderCHECKR 24, like its larger sibling, offers many of the same features and benefits in a smaller, highly portable design. It uses 24 patches, rather than 48, and eliminates the hard shell case in favor of a slim polymer sleeve. The SpyderCHECKR 24 uses the same software as the original SpyderCHECKR. Advanced amateurs and professionals using SpyderCHECKR technology benefit from optimized color, workflow, and output. From capture, to display, post-production, and final output, Spyder products help make creative workflow quick and accurate.

SpyderCHECKR: Challenges and Solutions comparison

SpyderCHECKR: Challenges and Solutions
Every combination of lens, camera, and sensor has a unique color signature, and this may change in different lighting conditions. And, of course, these devices don’t perceive or record color the way the human eye does. Color control and consistency requires a reference tool to help the user adapt to these variations. Adding color management at the capture stage of one’s digital workflow assures consistency and accuracy from day to day as well as from camera to camera. Design Info will supply the spydercheckr targets in India.

The SpyderCHECKR targets enable the user to create custom camera calibrations, that compensates for the characteristics of the optics and sensors, giving more accurate color reproduction in edited images. Workflow is simple: photograph the SpyderCHECKR, import the image into a supported image editor for basic adjustments, open the image in the SpyderCHECKR software, and export the HSL preset. You can apply this preset during image import or editing. The SpyderCHECKR targets have 24 or 48 spectrally-engineered pigment color patches, and easy to use calibration software making post-production quicker by getting consistent, predictable color right from the start.

check that your 48 patch target image is not upside down, sideways, or inverted; the SpyderCHECKR 24 target is automatically rotated to the correct orientation.

SpyderCHECKR Workflow Basics
The goal of SpyderCHECKR targets is to provide camera calibration that fits conveniently into your workflow, and which is easy to adjust as desired to meet your own needs. Workflow is simple: photograph the SpyderCHECKR, import the image into an approved image editor for basic adjustments, open the image in the SpyderCHECKR software, and export the ‘translation’, or preset. You can apply this preset during image editing.

The 48 patch SpyderCHECKR Target

The 48 patch SpyderCHECKR Target
The 48 patch SpyderCHECKR closes for storage, opens like a book, and stays securely in its fully open position. Each half of the CHECKR has a frame that holds a color target sheet in place. You can open these frames, and invert the color target sheets to display their gray face. This will expose the SpyderCHECKR Gray Target for visual comparisons, or tasks like In-Camera Custom White Balance.

The SpyderCHECKR can be used for visual color comparisons, as well as with a number of third party software packages for camera profiling and other tasks. But most commonly, it is used with the SpyderCHECKR software in creating camera calibrations. The sypydercheckr datacolor can now be purchased in India at great prices.



SpyderCHECKR 48         



SpyderCHECKR 24      

Patch Number4824
Patch SizeLargeLarge
Color CoverageSaturated &


Low Saturation

Saturated Colors
Skintone Patches82
Gray Ramp Patches136
Near White Tints30
Near Black Tones30
Gray FaceLargeMedium
Large 18% Gray PatchYes Yes
Tripod MountYes, 1/4″ x 20No
Cube MountYes, 1/4″ x 20No
Rigid CaseYesNo
Thin, Flexible CaseNoYes
 Dimensions Open31cm wide, 23 cm high,


20mm thick

14cm wide, 20cm high,


1mm thick

 Dimensions Stored15cm wide, 23 cm high,


15mm thick

15cm wide, 21 cm high,


4mm thick

The SpyderCHECKR 24 Target

The SpyderCHECKR 24 is a compact but very capable version of its larger sibling. It uses the same 24 primary patches from the right side of the SpyderCHECKR to help you create accurate camera calibrations. The reverse side of the target is a gray card and gray ramp. The double-sided card is enclosed in a polymer sleeve, for compactness.

This shows the 48 patch SpyderCHECKR image upside down. It must be oriented correctly when using the software.

Patch Formulation Technology
The patches in SpyderCHECKR are composed of pigment-based colors with carefully formulated spectral characteristics, ideal for camera calibration in varying lighting conditions. The SpyderCHECKR also provides spectrally neutral black, white, and gray patches. The patches are durable and produced to close tolerances. A CHECKR which sees only moderate usage will last almost indefinitely. Replacement cards are available for purchase from the Datacolor webstore for circumstances involving heavy use, or in cases where the patches become scratched, worn, or soiled over time. Please avoid touching the patches in your SpyderCHECKR, as oils from the skin can affect the patch color and texture.

Cropping is done with Lightroom, Phocus or ACR's crop tool. For the 48 patch SpyderCHECKR, crop to the four white dots just outside of the patch area.

Color Patches
The color patches on the right half of the SpyderCHECKR, and those on the SpyderCHECKR24 represent the standard 24 colors used in a variety of color products. These patches are near or within the sRGB color gamut to avoid gamut clipping, and assure usability with a wide range of capture, display and output devices. Note: the order that various software programs read these standard 24 colors varies, but the SpyderCHECKR provides them in a serpentine pattern, such that reading down one column and up the next will produce the usual measurement order. The color patches in the left half of the 48 patch SpyderCHECKR represent additional colors targeting several uses. There are six additional skintones, for a total of eight.

Processing your Target Shot In SpyderCHECKR

There are six medium saturation color patches, in the red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow zones, to improve the coverage of the inside of the color gamut. There are three near white tints and three near black tones, for checking color tints and tones at both ends of the dynamic range. And the gray ramp has been increased from the standard 20% steps, to 10% steps, plus extra samples at 5% and 95% to provide a more detailed gray ramp.

Patch Groups in the 48 Patch SpyderCHECKR

Patch Groups in the 48 Patch SpyderCHECKR
Please note the reference numbers across the left side, and the reference letters across the top of the SpyderCHECKR frame.

Gray Patches

  • Grays proceed from white (E1) down to black (E6) in 20% steps.
  • Patches D2 to D6 are extra gray patches that provide 10% steps.
  • A zigzag path from A1 to A6 will cover the 10% gray ramp in order.
  • An additional 95% patch is located at D1, and an additional 5% patch is located at C6 for more detail near white and black.
  • The same 10% ramp patches are repeated on the back of the chart, with a large 50% gray patch, for uses requiring neutrals-only to be visible.

Color Patches

  • Full saturation patches: Columns F, G, and H
  • Skintones: C1-C5
  • Near White Tints: B1-B3
  • Near Black Tones: B4-B6
  • Med Saturation, RGBCM&Y: A1-A6

SpyderCheckr 24 Patches

spyderchecker24 patches
The patches in SpyderCheckr 24 match those in the right half of the 48 patch SpyderCHECKR described above.

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