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Secret of top 10 colors for Art and Inspiration for 2019

Secret of top 10 colors for Art and Inspiration for 2019

Colors play a vital role in our life. Not only do they make out life interesting but they have been known to induce emotions and moods in humans. The world without colors would be very boring. Colors hence have become an inseparable part of our lives. However, with an endless number of colors in existence it has become difficult to categorize and identify them. There are literally thousands of colors in existence today with new ones being introduced every coming months and year as such Design Pantone Formula Guide. With so many colors present, color guides are the best way to categorize them. That is why today, we’re going to talk about the Pantone Formula Guide.

Pantone Formula Guide is undoubtedly one of the best color guides in the world. It has been used by color consultants and experts all around the globe to identify and categorize colors and Pantone recently came out with a new version of the hugely popular old edition GP1601 color guide. Name the GP1601N, the new guide boasts of staggering 1867 colors which will help experts and amateurs alike. The color guide comes with the standard as well as accent colors which you can use to suit your needs to create new colors. You’re not limited to just RGB or CMYK colors which give you even more artistic liberty. The color palette is printed on substrate paper which is at par with the paper used in most printing presses, so you don’t have to worry about the colors looking different on actual paper when printed. Additionally, the GP1601N comes with ink formulations and coordinating numbers on each color which not only make the color easy to identify but also reproduce.

The Pantone Formula Guide finds use in a number of industries including Design Info. It is widely used by experts in the branding, packaging, printing, designing, painting, color sampling and a lot of other industries. To top it off, new 112 colors launched in 2016 have been added to the guide to keep you updated with the latest colors.

Here are some of the features of the Pantone Formula Guide GP1601N that make it one of the best:

Features for the top colors:

  • Solid colors on coated paper that make the colors look bright and make them stand out.
  • The colors are arranged chromatically for easy classification and identification.
  • Index present at the end of the guide for easy access.
  • Fan like packaging that makes the guide portable and easy to match colors.
  • Ships with a free light indicator tool that measures the ambient lighting condition and tells you whether the lighting is suitable for color evaluation or not.
  • A total of 1867 colors included in the guide.

Specs for the top colors used:

  • 2 guides: Pantone Coated-C and Pantone Uncoated-U
  • A total of 1867 colors
  • No of colors on a page: 7
  • Size of each page: 1 5/8” X 9 ¼” (4.12 cm X 23.5 cm)
  • Ships with a protective cover to protect the guide from dust, water etc.

These features do make it look like a good deal, right? Well, the color guide is not the only thing you’re getting. The Pantone Color Manager Software, which had to be purchased separately earlier now comes with the Formula Guide. What’s it used for you ask? The Color Manager Software lets you get right to color sampling digitally. You can incorporate all the colors available in the guide for design and sampling purpose which makes the job a whole lot easier.

So this was our review of the Pantone Formula Guide GP1601N of Design Info. Think we missed out on some features or have some questions to ask? Use the comments section below to get back to us and stay tuned for more updates.

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