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Rode Wireless Go 2 vs DJI Mic vs Godox Movelink M2

Wireless microphones are a necessity now more than ever for podcasters, bloggers,
reporters and any other content creator who simply wants superior audio quality in
his/her videos.
It is a need, to provide your audience with good audio quality or they just won’t stick
to watching your content. It is crucial to make sure your words get through, or the
painstaking efforts you put into the footage would all go to waste.
Today we will be comparing 3 premium wireless microphones, and yes there is going
to be a final verdict with one clear winner.
But before we go ahead it is important to understand what these products are and a
basic idea of how they operate.
A wireless microphone system is like a super decked-out Lavalier mic. Where you
will have a receiver module and several transmitters or the actual mics. The receiver
in most cases connects to your recording device and picks up on everything you
speak into the transmitter mics.
Now that we have a basic idea, we can move on to the actual products.
First up we have:

The Rode Wireless Go 2:
This sleek device comes with a receiver module and two transmitter
microphones. These mics can clip onto your shirt or any piece of clothing
with ease and the receiver can be attached to your interchangeable camera
lenses, smartphones or tablets. It connects using a 3.5 mm cable. The
transmitters are quite minuscule measuring at 1.7 x 1.8 x 0.7 in’ and the
receiver is also practically of the same dimensions.
Both the mics are omnidirectional that can record frequencies ranging from
50Hz to 20kHz and they have a range of 200m(653ft) which is absolutely
unreal. The entire set-up has a battery life as well as storage to record audio
upto 7-hours of uncompressed audio and 40 hours of compressed audio. The
transmitter is made in such a way that it can record the audio input and store
it within its own memory or you can connect the receiver to the video
recording equipment directly, hence substituting their built-in average
microphones with the high-quality Rode audio.
The receiver has a tiny display to check the input levels of both the
transmitters which can record simultaneously. Two buttons which control the
mic muting and 3 different input gain levels can be found on the lower side
panels and a dial is also present to fine-tune the gain adjustments. Another
button handles pairing and channel selection and there is also an option to
either record merged or split audio between the two mics.
The entire mic system comes with 3 SC20 USB-C-to-USB-A cables and one
3.5mm TRS cable. It also has 3 windshields for the mic and a pouch to carry
everything. The mics are compatible with dedicated software available on
both Mac/Windows which lets you record and edit flexibly.
In almost any scenario, this device will provide you with audio quality way
ahead of what you are used to right now. The windshields provided with the
mics not only reduce wind noise but also the rustling of clothes.
Overall it is one of, if not the best wireless microphone systems in the market
available in 2023, and if you have the budget for it, you should pick it up
without a second thought.

The DJI Mic is a direct competitor to the Rode Wireless GO 2. This device
also comes with a receiver and two transmitters. The one differentiating
factor is that this device comes with a pouch and a charging case, much like
the TWS concept. This device is also provided with most cables you might
need to connect to any device you want. Each transmitter is also
omnidirectional in nature and records a range of frequencies from 50 Hz – 20
kHz with a low cutoff at 150 Hz. Two windshields are provided for each
transmitter, which cut out wind noise pretty well. It has a 24 Bit depth and can
record both mono and stereo audio just like the Rode. It has almost all the
features that the Rode does but for a slightly heftier price. The transmitters
though when compared to the Rode are slightly more difficult to keep discreet
as they tend to bend the fabric you clip them on. It has a range of 250m but
only when the air between the recording equipment and the subject is
completely clear.
It is a device that replicated the Rode Wireless Go 2 in every way.

Godox MovieLink M2
This is the cheapest microphone system in the lot, also coming in with one
receiver and two transmitters. Each transmitter is omnidirectional and is
provided with 2 windshields and 2 Lavalier microphones to go with each.
This device doesn’t need much in-depth explaining, because it simply gets
the job done.
A cost-effective entry-level kit to make your audio better. When this is
compared with the other two, the audio quality just won’t be at par, but if you
are someone who is looking to get a better audio output in your content with
a friendlier budget then this is the mic for you. It is easy to use, and intuitive
when it comes to new users. It has a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and a range of
50m. With a battery life of 6 hours, it will definitely just get you through a
shoot on a full charge. It comes with a carrying case and several cables to
connect to most recording equipment you might own. The receiver has a
display and the gain and other details can be controlled and monitored with.
The windsock(windshield) works decently, and may sometimes catch loud
noises in the background, but in most cases, it will get you through with a
workable audio file.


In conclusion, all three devices are great. The Godox Movielink M2 is a budget-
friendly option most suited for creators who are yet at the beginning of their

content creation journey and just want to take the next step from their native
camera audios. The DJI Mic is the most expensive on the list, replicating the
Rode in every way. The only major difference between the two is the charging
case provided by DJI.
Finally, if you want the best bang for your buck, then the Rode Wireless Go 2 is
the device to choose. This is because it has the best features that have been
replicated by other flagships and it is actually cheaper than its competitors. Rode
has been known to make audio equipment since forever, so the audio quality
from the GO 2 can be trusted without worries.

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