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Right Colour Shade: Its Indispensability in Brand Packaging Design with Miracles

Colour is a pretty understated concept in an industry that is more or less obsessed with brand consciousness and customer relationship. But, colour is the first feature that comes to a person’s mind which can create an everlasting impact on the person’s feelings as well as decisions. The product’s choice of the pantone colour in packaging can be the difference whether the brand will achieve success or not. The colour coordination and matching is a vital part of the design involved in the packaging. 

Brand Name is Dignified with the Packaging provided right colors are used:

  1. The brand name, the design should always mesh with its colour. 
  2. The colour has to always portray the right message that can resonate with the brand. 
  3. The packaging of the brand Khadi Naturals gives off its message with its colour. 

Different pantone colors in packing of products syndicate different personalities of the contents.

The neutral colour of an Off-White shade resonates with the simplicity in the brand’s personality which also maintaining similarity with the name Khadi. Green coloured packaging is becoming a fast trend since; sustainability is becoming a vital feature for consumers. With people giving more importance to organic products, the green colour could give the perfect message to the target audience. Various colours match up to a variety of moods and thus, feelings too. 

Multiple Pantone Colors reflect the environment around the packaging of goods

More consumers are becoming environmentally conscious. Thus, even colour trends from several books seem to be changing as per the consumer preferences. While deciding anything and everything in colour related to a business or, just colour matching needs in the packaging, Design Info has been one of the dominant distributors for colour shades and charts. Some designers differentiate their packaging design by using colour minimally to contribute to brand identification and brand building so that the essential message can pop out to attract the targeted consumer. For instance, a Living Coral coloured brand design is sure to stand out against the background of Off-White or another neutral colour shade. 

Even the Apple Brand made use of Pantone Colors in the packaging of Iphones?

The colour of a product could also be the unique selling proposition (USP) for a particular product. That’s one of the reasons why the Apple iPhone 7 products focus so much on its colour shades. From the beautiful and classy gold, the vibrant Pantone Rose Gold shade and the modest black, each colour of the phone has its own consumer bracket. It can be said, however; that Apple may have wanted to deny the accusation of using pink, which can be stereotyped as a girlish colour. Thus, they may have named it as Rose Gold, smartly averting the criticism which may impact their advertising strategy. However, this may be just a mere speculation. 

Flexibility in colors of the packaging material needed

Another colour trend that is sure to grab the designer with its vibrancy and elegance is the Living Coral, which has been recently named as the colour of the year from Pantone. It is not without any reason, it has been named so. The most important strength of the colour is its flexibility. Surprisingly, since this colour is so close to the pink shades, it may have been a victim of gender stereotyping, however, it is fortunate enough not to be so. It may not seem practical for many graphic designers using Pantone, but it is practical enough to mesh with the most sober or even the brightest colour shade. 

Apart from Pantone Other Charts that can be used in the Packaging Industry

The best way to mix and match these colour shades can be effortless with the use of RAL Colour charts to check the viability of the colour shade on any surface. RAL Colour Shade Cards can also act as a decision support system for packaging designers. These RAL colour charts are available online on the website of Design Info at a discounted rate. Buying these colour charts and TPG Textile Pantone colour shades is indispensable for the packaging designer when it comes to the colour matching and printing process. A flawless package design is the need of the hour and making a needless error can cost too much. An error in colour consistency and irregular colour patterns can lead to a waste of money, time and effort. Thus, using the colour charts could save a lot of the packaging designer’s effort. 

Precision by All Colors Charts in the Packaging World in the new era

The lack of precision in the packaging of a product can thwart the chances of success for the product. As an illustration, the use of the latest colour trend of using black and white packaging design would be disastrous for packaging of products which target children as their consumers. The sales for such a product would fall flat. Instead, a mixture of lively and enigmatic colours like Lime Yellow shade and Pantone Living Coral would be truly eye-catching for children as consumers. On the contrary, a balance of black and white can work well with packaging of electronic products like phones or a pair of headphones. Sometimes too much amalgamation of colours can overwhelm a consumer due to its intensity and thus, leave a harsh impact on the consumers. So, businesses that want to make a mark among their competitors should use colours to leave a calming impact or even something classier on their consumers. Such a colour strategy can give a particular product, an added edge over other products. 

What is absolute precision of colors in the print packaging industry?

The colour matching process has to be guided carefully and with absolute precision, especially with the latest trend of gradients in packaging products. Since, gradients mostly use different shades of one colour; the application of which would be easier with a handy colour shade chart. This could lead to flawless colour consistency and application even after the final printing of the package. One of the common errors that designers make is assuming that a particular Pantone Colour code may work on different surfaces. However, it is not so, as many Pantone TCX colour shades look different on different surfaces like a plain or glossy material. In fact, to solve this problem and assist the designer to get the perfect result, there are separate colour shade books on coated and uncoated colours available on Design Info website. Colours can also be helped for better brand and product classification. Like in the case of a premium earphone brand, the packaging for a pink shade coloured earphone can be identified by its outer box having a tinge of pink colour shade on the otherwise gray and white design. While pink identifies the product, the gray and white design would appeal to the targeted music lovers.

Design Info as the leading brand in packaging industry supplying pantone packing supplements.

When it comes to colours, there is no other company that comes close to Design Info. Their colour charts, books and the trend updates are not limited to Pantone standards only. It knows the importance of following latest colour trends for packaging designers. Thus, it helps designers to make their decisions based on the updated latest trends. It is a one-stop solution for designers looking to going through a smooth process of colour mixing, matching and printing process for experienced designers as well as beginners. Especially at an economical rate for designers, this process cannot be any cheaper than this; as this website is resourceful for designers as well as business.

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