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Product Review: Pantone Graphics Solid Colors Formula Guide GP1601N

Product Review Pantone Graphics Solid Colors Formula Guide GP1601N

They say colors are the smile of nature. They have a language of their own. And if you are a designer, branding consultant or a professional who is involved in color consulting and color intelligence, then you know the power of colors and how a single color can make or break the message you are trying to convey.

That’s why, today I am going to share a really great and must have tool for you. A small book of colors called Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated and Uncoated. It is said that big things come in small packages. This is exactly that. A small handheld fan-shaped guide filled with wide range of 1867 colors. This is world’s most trusted guide for choosing the right shade of color.

The color palette on the book comprises of really beautiful set of primary and accent colors and not just the standard CMYK and RGB Colors. All these color blend beautifully with each other and are really easy on eyes making it a child’s play for you to create new brand colors or illustrations.

You get two sets, one coated and another uncoated. The coated one has a special coating which gives the colors brighter and richer finish than the ones on the uncoated.

Why Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated and Uncoated?

As I mentioned above it is world’s most trusted and best-selling book when it comes to colors. But that’s not it, there are lot more things that this little beauty has to offer.

Remember, how sometimes when you are about to print a color, it comes out entirely different than it looked on your screen? How frustrating that is? But with this little book, you get the exact color code and ink formulation along with coordinated numbers that actually makes printing the most accurate color, a layman’s job. This is the reason this formula guide is being used in different industries like paper printing, chemical testing, plastics and pharmaceuticals as well.

What do you get along with this book?

The best thing you get is the range of colors. It now has 1867 colors that include the set of 112 colors that were launched in 2016.

You also get a Pantone Color Management software with it. This software makes color sampling really easy and user-friendly. The software allows integration of latest Pantone color libraries into design applications hence making color sampling real simple and time saving for you.

This small book comes in the form of convenient and portable fan like deck which has an index on the back for easy access. It also includes a light indicator tool. This tool actually does the job of evaluating whether current light is suitable for color evaluation and matching.

How to use this guide?

With the access to world’s largest color database that too with ink formulations and number coordinates, you can easily come up with a lot of creative and beautiful color combinations. Whether it’s coming up with new color combinations for branding or designing a new social media project to defining a brand by its logo, everything becomes so creative and actual fun. You just need a bit inspiration and combination of unique colors and that is all it.

Where to buy this guide?

The only trusted place to buy this guide is Design Info. It is the one platform that is made by keeping in mind artists and designers as the souls. They are the largest supplier of fashion magazines in Asia. And have over 45 years of experience. Hence, they know how much colors matters to the designers and artists. Plus you get the original edition of this guide along with the registration code. They are one of the most trust brands across Asia for designers and artists.

What’s so unique about Design Info?

They are not only known for the originality but also for the quick shipping. We all know the pain of shopping online. Whenever we buy anything online we have to wait forever to get our hands on the actual product. It becomes the ultimate test of your patience. But with Design Info, they actually value your time and offer the fastest shipping ever. In most cases, the product reaches you the very next day. How cool is that!!!

Plus they have a user-friendly website that is really easy to navigate and really cooperative customer service. As soon as you land on their website, you will see there is an option of live chat available. Their customer service people are very humble and help you in case you have any doubts. I also got a 10% discount coupon from them. Plus Design Info send you a FREE gift with every product too.

Definitely, consider investing in this bundle of colorful joy to take your creative career to new heights. This small book will bring colors to your life, literally!

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