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  • Brand: Design Studio Group
Floral Prints & Design Artworks Vol. 1
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No. Of Prints: 53 DVD included Download Sample File Licence Free & Ready to Print File Format: Photoshop PSD with Layers & Color Separation & JPG Img Resolution: 4724 x 7087 pixels with 200 DPI All Elements in the prints are in layers which can be edited easily without the need of a designer or any professional. All Colours can be changed. Floral Designs for Fabric specially designed for Sarees, Kurtis, Frocks, Tunics, Dresses, Borders and Wall Papers. 
Opere D' Art Artworks Collection
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Opere d'Arte is an ideal reference book for everybody working with high fashion printed, woven & embroidered patterns in the fields of textile, printing, garments, accessories, home textiles, made ups & much more ...... Description: Accompanied with your book comes CD/DVD with editable files in psd format allowing you to restyle, recolour, & create your own styles, designs, patterns, prints & graphics.
Prints Pattern | Flowers & Abstracts Book Incl 2 DVD (Layered Files)
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Prints Pattern Flowers & Abstractsis an ideal reference book for everybody working with high fashion printed, woven & embroidered patterns in the fields of textile, printing, garments, accessories, home textiles, made ups & much more. This book has several inspirations on florals and abstracts with many hand painted effects. This book has artworks presented in 2 sections:     1. Flowers     2. Abstracts

Prints & Pattern Overview

Times of innovation are often synonymous with periods of unrest; an occurrence we’re facing throughout the prints design industry with an explosion of new ideas. As textile design brands are tested by changing consumer attitudes, cost restraints and a new culture of corporate transparency, the flipside of the coin are that this pressured pattern creative environment pushes textile designers to be more inventive and in turn, more relevant with the latest print trends.

Despite this emphasis on the new and the bold textures, it comes with a sincere reverence for the aspects of the past that have proved they're worth in the contemporary landscape patterns.

This is not purely based on nostalgia, but a veneration of age-old designing skills and how these can be reinterpreted in the modern day with fresh artworks. Consumers are also looking for ways to reconnect with their textile design purchases, a need that transpires into the interior and product design in the fashion and retail industry. In similar terms, this renewed sense of autonomy is also explored for fresh summer prints as well as modern winter prints and design trends in terms of the dynamic voice of the youth.

New Renaissance & Fresh Collection of Prints

The glamour and serenity of the Mediterranean coastline combine with a revival of classic design in a trend that is sun-drenched, refined and decorative with ready to use prints. Reverence for the classical art and sophisticated lifestyles of this coastal region manifests in an aesthetic that looks to aged frescos, ornate ceramics and unparalleled creative minds. New Prints Volumes and Prints Design Books now have several artworks with high-quality resolution files with DVD. Some of the attractive ideas in textile patterns are as follows:

  • High summer, Mediterranean ambience.

  • Refined and elegant aesthetics.

  • Muted palette of warm neutrals.

  • Traditional coastal pursuits designs.

  • Mixed media and a feminine style prints.

Avant Garde Design Collection

Avant Garde is a dynamic trend that mixes progressive attitudes with the carefully considered work of artists in movements such as Fluxus and the Dada with a dramatic use of colour. Colour Palettes mix neutral vintage prints shades with bold tones of deep aubergine, carmine red and mustard while textile prints are influenced by linear Bauhaus aesthetics and art deco architectural compositions. Prints are now applied on mattress, bedsheet, home furnishing especially with prints on bags and footwear designs

  1. Dynamic, bold and rebellious.

  2. Art deco inspired geometrics.

  3. Intensely saturated shades.

  4. Cut ‘n’ paste montage styles.

  5. Structured, sharp motifs.

Modern Artisan Patterns

A celebration of techniques steeped in quality and heritage, Modern Artisan reveres traditional materials, as well as the skills of the craftspeople, passed down through generations. A precise aesthetic makes use of clever typography, painstakingly stitched designs and a colour palette of latest prints trends with reference to charcoal print, rust and faded cyan colours. A focus on textures and abstract mark-making is also key to prints. Ready Made prints for curtains, blankets, sarees, dresses and skirts are the most premier collection of prints and patterns. The new design collection has the following key points.

  1. Traditional design techniques and materials.

  2. Precise, contemporary aesthetics.

  3. Muted, tonal colours.

  4. Embossed, etched and engraved effects designs.