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How to be Creative with Colors and Liven any Space!

Pantone Solid Colour Book has a total of 1,867 colors which is an addition of 112 new colors added to the old edition. This paper product has all the coated colors as well as uncoated colors, also known as solid colors, included in the package which is divided into two guides. Besides helping me with home décor, the book has also helped me enhance my creative side. I’ve been able to discover and integrate so many new colors in my art work.
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Connect Easily with readers using color Palettes

In short, you definitely would have got a taste of feeling that colour does impact the human behaviour. Well, there is a reason why many people across the world use popular colour palate studios like Textile Print Design Studio since it gives inspiration and provides emotions to design your dream home or project. I have used New Pantone Color Guide TG based on the recommendation of my architect for our house interiors and it was an as amazing exp
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Perfect Destination to Pick Top 10 Colours, Art & Inspiration 2017

I am a truly a sucker of peaceful pastel colours but at the same time I also love keeping pace with the newest and best colour trends both in town as well as internationally. The idea is to pick the Top 10 colours and then zero it down room by room with family. Thus, the best I could think of is to grab the latest Pantone Colour Guide from Design Info who’s often less than 24 hours delivery and great discounts have both surprised and pleased me.
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“Once in a blue moon”, “Looking for greener pastures”, “Grey market”, “Black Comedy”, “Caught red- handed” and “White-collared jobs”- what do all these phrases have in common? It is nothing but “COLOR”. Colours have a strong presence in our lives and they have a wonderful ability to influence our feelings, change our behaviour and modify our thoughts and emotions. Colors have the ability to change a dull moment to a brighter one and bring a sm
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Plenty of Colors related to Food Industry

Well as exciting are the food colours, the different options to make those food color are much more exciting. For starters do remembers that there are many other color options beyond the three key colors (blue, red, and yellow) and making different food colorings can be a fun and easy way to add some delight to your food plate.
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Connection of colors with psychology

Color! What a deep and mysterious language! No art is complete without colors. Unless you're a fashion designer, painter or an artist the importance of colors is probably something you don't give much thought to. Consider yourself living in a dungeon. Now, why is it called a dungeon? Because it's dark, dull and dingy. It doesn't feel good to be inside a dungeon or a hole because it seems lifeless. Lifelessness means the absence of color. Colors s
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Colour your life featuring Pantone Graphics System

Colours influence, impact and evoke emotions and guide behaviour. With the world being more and more digital with each passing year, visual cues are often used for getting across the message or for communicating. Bright and bold shades of colour are attention grabbing whereas pastels often cheer up our mood and are quite refreshing. Colours also have a psychological effect on human minds. Each colour carries a message and has a meaning. In a digi
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Best Color Guide For Designers

In this website, we can get the books related to the colors and the trending forecast books in the home, interior furnishing, textile styles, bags, accessories and the trending books on the men's, women's and kids wear by taking into consideration the style, color combination, and attitude etc. In the books listed on the website, the designers had worked a lot to give the proper ideology to built any business structure in a more interesting and s
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5 Essential Tips to Picking a Website Colour Scheme

This amazing colour guide by Design Info has a total of 1,867 colours, which is an addition of 112 new colours added to the old edition of the same product. The same is a paper product specially designed for all your colour combination and selection needs. It has all the coated colours as well as uncoated colours included in the package. The package is divided into 2 Guides.
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