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Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N [2019 Edition]

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The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE Uncoated Guide plus series 2019 editionis a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. It is best used for determining how Solid Colors will look when reproduced through the four-color printing process, as well as a HTML value reference for digital media display intent. Buy the Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide now at a great discount. Special Offer now available. Fast 1 Day Delivery in India.

Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N has 1,845 spot colours, including 112 new colours released in 2016



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Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N 2019 Edition

Our vision and brain perceive the various things around through the elements that they constitute. One of the definitive factors that help us recognise and categorise things is colour. Subconsciously one colour codes everything and makes it a recognisable tool to spark the memory cells.

In design terms we have categorised colour in technical terms as primary colours, secondary colours etc. but a common way to refer to them is the easy codes we give them. For example, green is a primary colour while it has a million shades of bottle green, leaf-green, mint green, olive green etc.,

The science of colour spectrum is complicated but in the designing one knows that the print colours differ from the digital colours. RGB (red, green, blue) is the digital primary colour system while CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is the print version,

The difference between the web and print is that in print one has the tactile experience and the vision perceives and reacts to the colours in a different way as compared to the web version which is  accompanied with audio-visual element but lacks the ability of physical touch,

The print medium is static and more permanent while the web medium is interactive and is flexible to change. Graphic designers, print designers and companies, in general, need a proper tool like the Pantone Colour Bridge Uncoated guide that aids the proofing process and combines the various colour modes for different mediums. All brands and companies work in both print and digital media so branding and logos need to be consistent everywhere.

The Pantone Colour Bridge Uncoated Guide is the best guide for graphic designers, web designers and printers. It aids in hassle free communication between digital design and printing. It has been developed after extensive study and experiments to determine the appearance of certain colours from the web to print. This book is only for uncoated colours but has another book for coated colours as well and can be purchased as a set.

It is a multifaceted tool to help determine how the web colours will look when reproduced on print. Provides an HTML value reference guide for digital media display. This book has 1845 Pantone Matching System colours that have equivalent to the four colour process. This helps to match the solid colours of the web to the CMYK colours. Unlike the Pantone Color Bridge Coated Guide, this guide has all colours printed on normal printing paper so that all the colours are absorbed completed giving a little dull look as compared to the former where the colours are not completed absorbed and give a brighter look.

The difference in colour is also on the web. Each monitor resolution can display a modified colour. Each colour displayed has a corresponding number according to the Pantone system and parallel to RGB, CMYK and HTML values. Now solid colours codes can be given to both printers and programmers for better consistency in design colour,

There are 112 new colour shades added in the front giving designers inspirational and experimental colour choices for new creations,

Colours have been arranged chromatically for easy identification and use. Displays the range of colours in the same family. The index page provides the numbers to easily locate the colours. For precise matching, the printed colours have been designed to bleed off both sides of the page. This provides the best proofing method to check the print colours during evaluation,

The book design is in a convenient and portable fan format allowing to scan the various options and match easily. Printed on text weight paper which is the standard substrate for industry printing. Pantone Colour Bridge Uncoated Guide comes with a lighting indicator at the back to display the colour’s appearance in various lighting conditions for an informative choice. It has a free downloadable software of Pantone Colour manager allowing the upload of Pantone colour libraries for easy application in designing. 

This product has the Pantone Color Bridge Coated guide only, if you need the uncoated colors in color bridge as well, you must purchase the Pantone Color Bridge Coated & Uncoated Guide set.


  • The Pantone Colour Bridge Uncoated guide provides 1845 colours for easy and accurate colour matching from the web to print media,

  • With this guide, there will be no uncertainly while matching colours. Each colour comes with a corresponding number code, swatch sample and an index for convenient and hassle free communication to printer or programmer,

  • Designers get 112 new shades to experiment with in their innovations,

  • Good value for money at a special discount and the provision of the free downloadable software of Pantone Colour Manager as a part of the offer,

  • Companies and brands use this to universalise the colours in their branding,


  • Displays the effect of print colours on uncoated stock,

  • 1845 solid colours and corresponding CMYK, HTML/hex and RGB values,

  • Provides screen tint percentages that act as a starting point to adjust colour match,

  • Uses standard substrate. Produced on text weight paper,

  • Uses uniform ink film thickness making it easy for colour matching on print,

  • Corresponds to Pantone Colours - the global leading colour matching system that is supported by a network of Pantone licensees,

  • Each guide measures- 1 5/8” x 9 1.4”, and the mailer dimensions are- 4 1/8” x 10 5/8” x 2 1/8”.

  • All the Colours are each displayed along with coordinating numbers and Pantone CMYK, sRGB and HTML values so that graphic designers and web designers can easily translate Pantone solid colours to their intended printed or digital design intent.

Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N [2019 Edition]

Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide GG6104N [2019 Edition]

The PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE Uncoated Guide plus series 2019 editionis a multi-purpose tool for printers, graphic and web designers. It is best used...

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