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Pantone Luxury with Serenity, Spa-like Experience

Pantone Luxury & Serenity

Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salt – Rose Garden

Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salt – Lavender Mystery

This is a mesmerizing luxury bath salt that comes in two scents, lavender, and rose. Just add one cap of the bath salts in your bathtub, and you will have the most relaxing spa-like experience at home. The bath salts will make your skin look younger and will make you feel refreshed and uplifted. The product will be shipped with 450 grams of bath salts per unit

Today in the 21st century we live in a world where global economies are constantly growing, markets are expanding, and market competition has intensified like never before. We no longer live in a time where markets were just physical locations. With the industrial revolution boosting the production of goods and the advent of the internet, today in the 21st century, we now have access to Digital Markets. We are spoilt for choice even when it comes to picking something as small as a pen to something as big as a five-bedroom Villa. According to a recent study done by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, 30,000 new consumer products are launched annually, and a staggering 80% of them fail, while only a mere 20% succeed and make a name for themselves. With hundreds of companies trying to beat each other, so that their product is the one chosen, what makes one company have the upper hand over the other? Why have corporate giants like Coca Cola, Nestle or Sunsilk been able to be the choice of millions of customers worldwide over and over again, whenever these customers are in the supermarket, faced with a row of considerable other options placed alongside? The driving factor for this consumer behaviour is largely influenced by product DESIGN. Product Design and packaging are integral to whether your product makes it or breaks it.

How does Design Info bring in the relaxing experience of Pantone?

We at Design Info don’t take this lightly. With an experience of 45 years in the design industry, and having excelled in supplying custom colour trend reports, fashion trend analysis, styles and accessories concepts for a number of clients, and Fortune 500 companies, we understand the importance of proper design representation to the global consumer audience. For this reason, we work with a large network of dynamic and creative textile, surface and graphic designers who develop custom artwork, prints, patterns, logos, and designs using the best TPG textile Pantone books.  Our design team endeavours to meticulously tailor and create any design based on our clients’ specific requirements. We also spend a lot of time with our clients to properly understand their aims and what experience and emotions they wish their products to evoke or convey to its consumers. Since we constantly strive to deliver our clients with the utmost results and satisfaction, we are constantly crosschecking and analyzing current fashion trends, thoughts, social influences, anthropological and artistic events and feeding it into our efficient cultural triangulation system to improve our understanding of current and future trends, to serve our clients better. 

Artists of Pantone Serene Colors

At Design Info our artist and designers look into every aspect of what a design or piece of art must invoke to its target audience. We draw inspiration by letting ideas flow, finding inspiration from everyday activities, analyzing present and emerging trends to attract customers not only in the present day but also in the near future. 

Luxury Start-ups with Pantones Choice of Color

We understand Mr. Allister that your start-up Deep Sea-Luxury Bath Salts is set to launch 3 months from now on and you were looking for the best design inspirations to go with your product. We are pleased to say that as soon as we received your sample product and spoke to you regarding what the product is about, we brought together our senior-most Pantone designers and trend analyzers to study and come up with a report of what would be the best design and colour combinations that would work brilliantly with this wonderful product you wish to introduce to the global market. Before getting into the details of the design and explaining the colour combinations we have shortlisted for your product, I would like to remind you of the description and aims you wish to achieve, that you mentioned in the memo you had sent us, 

Even Packaging is a Luxury to Pantone

Keeping in close consideration to what you provided us in your memo and to the product, we have come up with several things we would like to discuss with you. At first we would like to bring to your notice that since this is a bath product which will be kept in the bathroom or alongside wet areas, we suggest we go with a plastic bottle packaging rather than plastic packets reasons being, firstly, because it will improve customer experience of using the product since they will find it easier to keep it in the container itself and being plastic it won’t get wet in the bathroom unlike a cardboard packaging. Secondly, the plastic container will serve as a reusable container after the product is over, which can act as subconsciously engaging stimuli towards the product even after the product is over for its user. And third and most important the plastic container will give a glossy effect to the design on the container, attracting customers towards your product.

Which Pantone color schemes to use for luxury goods?

Moving on I would like to discuss the colour schemes and combinations we saw fit for this product. Keeping in mind what that the key aspects this product wishes to invoke (a spa-like feel, luxury, organic, sea salt, youth, radiance, healthy, refreshing, relaxing) we have structured a colour combination each for both the products keeping in mind present and future trends and thought processes. Since colours have a deep role to play in how the customer perceives the product psychologically, these are the colour schemes we deemed to fit the best

Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salts – Rose garden

  • For the Rose Garden, we want to let the design do the talking and still and make it appealing to the customer right away. For that reason we’ve chosen to go with a colour combination of Peach amber (#FAA094FF) which is a lovely refreshing pink and Yucca a serene turquoise (9ED9CCFF) for the body, with the font in White (FCF6F5FF) and the font surrounded with a exquisite Habanero Gold, evoking a luxurious, expensive feel to it.  (#FFD653FF)

Deep Sea Luxury Bath Salts – Lavender Mystery 

  • For the lavender mystery, we want to go with a little darker but subtle colours to give both the products a slight contrast against one another. For the body we’d like to go with last year’s Pantone colour of the yea, that is continuing to catch eyes, Pantone Ultra Violet (#5F4B8BFF) and a beautiful young Blush (#F5C7BBFF) with the font in a almost mystic Elation (#DFDCE5FF) with a complementing Vanilla Custard (#F0E1B9FF) for the border surrounding the font.

Summarizing Luxury movement with Pantone Support

The colours used above have been proven to induce emotions and feelings of class, luxury, radiance, cool mood, calmness, richness, and relaxation. According to our foresight and research by experts, we have predicted that these colours will be ones that should be the top grossing colours for this year and the year 2019. Our inspiration for the colour choices for this product came from the cool monsoon season, which inspired us to keep the colours cool and timid while not being too loud and distracting. The decision to go with slightly misty shades worked perfectly with the concept we were trying to deliver. These colours would look great both with a gloss finish or a matte finish. But in my professional opinion, I would personally suggest you go for the matte finish as it will give the product a more exquisite feel to it. We at Digital Info use the latest in printing color calibration technologies for all our products and all output gets a stringent quality check before the final packaging. We can confidently say that our colour reproduction and colour accuracy is of the highest standards and will be exactly what you expect to see and nothing lesser because, along with our printers, we also use the best in class industry quality ink. This is one reason why for years Digital Info has been able to boast about our customer satisfaction rates. It is because we have always maintained the highest standards for our work and never compromised or settled for less. With this, I can confidently say that Digital Info will be of best service to you and your business venture and will be the start of your company’s growth towards greatness. We will be waiting for your confirmation. 

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