Pantone 3 Light Booth

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The Pantone 3 light booth is a high quality entry-level light booth with stylish design that fits equally well into office or manufacturing environments, Now available in India, Its three light sources deliver:

  • Consistent fluorescent illumination that complies with major international standards such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, ANSI and BSI visual assessment requirements. Options include CWF, TL84, U35 or U30 store lighting simulation bulbs.

  • Dedicated D50 light source for print and packaging applications or dedicated D65 light source for industrial applications.

  • Easy installation of replacement lamps, on your own or by an X-Rite technician.

  • Optional pre-certified lamp packs that include a calibration certification. Install them yourself or contact an X-Rite technician for assistance.

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More details

Tired of working in the dark? Well, you might as well be, if you’re making critical color choices under ambient lighting conditions. Doesn’t your design deserve a better chance? Don’t you deserve a better chance at choosing the correct color?

PANTONE Color Viewing lights help you make the right color decisions in a controlled environment.

  • Simulate daylight, home and store environments

  • Identify troublesome metameric effects

  • Instant-on for more accuratecolorcomparisons

  • Neutral background for accurate color viewing

  • Usage meter (for one source) ensures proper lighting quality

  • Convenient size permits location flexibility

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Three things are required to realize color: Light, The Eyes and An Object. Without light, there is no color. Without controlled light, color can, and will, appear different. A metameric effect is where two different colors will appear the same under certain lighting conditions. Having a controlled environment helps identify these troublesome effects. That’s why you should consider a PANTONE Color Viewing Light Booth.

Take the guesswork out of color matching with the help of three different lighting environments. See how colors will look under daylight, fluorescent and incandescent settings.


  • Three standardized lighting conditions.

  • Instant-start electronic ballasts.

  • Space-saving countertop design.

  • Shielded viewing area.

LightboothPantone 3Judge QC
(Dual daylight)
Judge QC
Total Light Sources355
Daylight 5000KOption 1•Option 1
Daylight 6500KOption 1•Option 1
“A” Tungsten (home light)•••
Cool White FluorescentOption 1••
TL84Option 1Option 1Option 2
U30Option 1Option 1Option 2
U35 FluorescentOption 1Option 1Option 2
Lamp TimerPrime sourceDaylight source or 12 monthsDaylight source or 12 months
Service Indicator••
Dual Daylight Mode ( D65/D50 )••

Pantone 3 Light Booth

Pantone 3 Light Booth

The Pantone 3 light booth is a high quality entry-level light booth with stylish design that fits equally well into office or manufacturing...

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Pantone 3 Light Booth (170000 INR)

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